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Three-dimensional warehouse


Automatic sorting equipment


Automatic packaging equipment


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Introduction of Zhongding Group

About Zhongding Group Anhui Zhongding Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. ("Zhongding Group") was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Ningguo, an ecological city in southeast Anhui with beautiful scenery. After more than 30 ...

Application Application

Tobacco industry applications

Hefei Zhongding Technology is the earliest provider of tobacco industry logistics solutions in China. Continued in-depth research on the domestic tobacco industry ...

Classic case Classic case

Intelligent logistics of a tobacco company ...

An intelligent sorting and logistics center project of a tobacco company in Liaoning is a cigarette logistics center that sells 100,000 cases on the order of Hefei Zhongding ...


Questions and Answers on Creating "Smart Logistics" in Enterprises
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