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Introduction of Zhongding Group

1980 年,总部位于山清水秀的皖东南生态之城宁国市。 Anhui Zhongding Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Zhongding Group") was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Ningguo, an ecological city in southeast Anhui with beautiful scenery. 30 多年的不懈奋斗和滚动发展,中鼎现已成为拥有总资产 90 亿元,员工 1.6 万人,以机械基础件和汽车零部件为主导的大型现代化企业。 After more than 30 years of unremitting struggle and rolling development, Zhongding has now become a large-scale modern enterprise with total assets of 9 billion yuan and 16,000 employees . It is dominated by mechanical basic parts and auto parts. 50 强排行榜”。 Various major economic indicators rank first in the domestic industry and have successfully entered the " Top 50 Global List of Non-Tire Rubber Products ".

董事长夏鼎湖, Xia Dinghu, Chairman of Zhongding Group , Has been awarded "National Enterprise Reformer", "National Labor Model", "National 500 Enterprise Entrepreneurs", "Anhui Excellent Entrepreneurs", "National Outstanding Township Enterprise Factory Managers and Managers", "National Outstanding Township Entrepreneurs" , "First National Excellent Entrepreneur in the Machinery Industry", "Excellent Private Entrepreneur in Anhui Province", "Ningguo Development Merit" and other titles, and enjoy special government allowances.

   40 余家,除宁国总部基地外,还在北京、上海、天津、江苏、广东等地建立产业基地,并在美国、德国等地共设有 10 余家境外企业。 Zhongding Group has more than 40 various types of enterprises . In addition to the Ningguo headquarters base, it has also established industrial bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places, and has more than 10 overseas companies in the United States, Germany and other places . -- 安徽中鼎密封件股份有限公司于 2006 年通过资产重组在深交所挂牌上市(证券代码: 000887 ),为中国密封件行业第一股。 Among them, the core holding company , Anhui Zhongding Sealing Parts Co., Ltd., was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 000887 ) through asset reorganization in 2006 , which is the first share in the Chinese seals industry.

  Zhongding industry involves industrial investment, rubber and plastic products, machinery and mold manufacturing, automotive tools, information technology, environmentally friendly materials, new environmentally friendly engines and other fields. Among them, the leading product "Dinghu" brand rubber seals and special rubber products are widely used in automobiles, engineering machinery, petrochemicals, office automation, railways, ships and other fields. After years of development, Zhongding has formed an absolute leading position in the domestic industry and has a high influence and popularity in the international market. Its products are becoming the first choice of high-end strategic customers at home and abroad.

  Zhongding vigorously implements the international development strategy and integrates global resources. 年在美国全资设立“中鼎美国公司”; 2004 年收购韩国 HST KA 公司; 2007 年收购德国 Schmitter( 施密特 ) 公司; 2008 年收购美国 AB 公司,并在德国投资设立“中鼎欧洲公司”; 2009 年收购美国迈尔斯公司旗下两家橡胶制品工厂, 2011 年收购美国 COOPER 公司, 2012 年收购美国 ACUSHNET 公司,正式进入高端密封件研发和制造领域,并进行系统整合,从而形成跨国经营布局。 In 2003 , the company set up a wholly-owned "Zhongding American Company" in the United States; in 2004 , it acquired South Korean HST and KA companies; in 2007 , it acquired the German company Schmitter ( Schmidt ) ; in 2008 , it acquired the United States AB company; European company "; In 2009 , it acquired two rubber product factories under the American Miles Company, in 2011 , it acquired the American COOPER company, and in 2012 , it acquired the American ACUSHNET company. Multinational operation layout.

  Looking forward to the future, Zhongding will vigorously promote the cultural spirit of "many people, leading innovation", work hard to strengthen the innovation capacity of enterprises, continue to accelerate industrial technology upgrades, continue to improve operating management mechanisms, and actively build a harmonious Zhongding and a happy Zhongding. The goal and vision of "China's intelligent manufacturing, world-renowned", revitalize national industry, promote national economic and social development and continue to struggle!

中鼎 信息科技股份有限公司 Hefei Zhongding Information Technology Co., Ltd.

1998 12 月投资创建,位于人力资源丰富、以科教城著称的合肥市,坐落于合肥市国家级高新技术产业开发区。 Hefei Zhongding Information Technology Co., Ltd. was invested and established by Anhui Zhongding Holding Group in December 1998. It is located in Hefei, which is rich in human resources and known as a science and education city. It is located in Hefei National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company mainly focuses on the development of logistics automation and product information technology, and provides comprehensive technical solutions for many enterprises from the traditional logistics management mode to the modern new information logistics management mode.

Hefei Zhongding's products mainly include consulting, planning, and design of logistics center construction plans; enterprise warehousing, sorting, packaging, and distribution links; automated equipment (automated warehouses, sorting equipment, packaging equipment, handling equipment, etc.) and information systems R & D, production and integration services. , 经过十多年的发展,已是国内知名的智能物流系统一站式解决方案提供商之一。 Through the realization of intelligent logistics solutions, we provide customers with a one-stop solution for intelligent logistics systems from procurement logistics, production logistics to marketing logistics, and construct highly optimized logistics system configurations with low-cost inputs, improve operational efficiency, and meet the leanness of the enterprise itself The need for logistics management promotes the rapid development of enterprises in the direction of intelligence and information . After more than ten years of development, it has become one of the well-known one-stop solution providers for intelligent logistics systems in China.

The company attaches great importance to personnel training and team building, and has established cooperative partnerships with well-known institutions such as the University of Science and Technology of China, Anhui University, Hefei College, and Hefei University of Technology. The independently developed products have won many national and provincial awards, and obtained more than 60 patent certificates and software copyright certificates. Intelligent logistics system products have been successfully applied to major manufacturing industries such as tobacco, medicine, auto parts, equipment manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, and toilet paper. The clients we serve include China Tobacco, COFCO, Hengan Group, Huiren Group, Dong'e Ejiao, Guilin Sanjin, Jinjiu Group, Hengshun Vinegar Industry, Fengle Seed Industry, Zhibang Cabinet, Anhui Pharmaceutical Group and many more Large well-known enterprises.

Zhongding Technology is determined to become a leading one-stop solution provider for intelligent logistics systems in China. We continue to be pragmatic and innovative in accordance with the needs of the market and customers, adhere to the customer first, continue to work for service-led enterprises, march toward technology-led enterprises, and strive for the coordinated development of hard and soft power. Actively cooperate with customers to create value; work together with employees to create a better future, and strive to build a company with a sustainable brand value in a well-known industry.

Zhongding Intelligent Manufacturing

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