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Zhongding R & D capability

Zhongding has advanced technology and equipment, strong technical development and innovation capabilities, and has the only "national-level enterprise technology center", "post-doctoral research station" and "nationally recognized testing and testing center" in the industry in the country. Based on independent research and development, close integration of "production, education and research", and digestion, absorption and re-innovation of imported technologies, Zhongding has now mastered core technology with international advanced level, which can meet the strategic development needs of various OEMs. ISO9000 ISO/TS16949 ISO14001 环境管理体系认证、 ISO/IEC17025 实验室认可体系认证。 Based on the quality policy of "continuous improvement, continuously meeting and exceeding customer needs", Zhongding has established and improved a complete quality control and management system. It has successively passed ISO9000 , ISO / TS16949 , ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and ISO / IEC17025 laboratory accreditation. System Certification. 10 月通过 GJB9001-2001 国军标体系认证。 In October 2009 , it passed GJB9001-2001 national military standard system certification.

62 名,大部分都具有多年从事专业研究和开发的经验,是公司的核心技术力量。 The company has a strong technical force, advanced software and hardware equipment, scientific research and technology center, 62 scientific and technical personnel , most of whom have many years of professional research and development experience, is the company's core technical force.

Our company and the University of Science and Technology of China have established long-term strategic cooperative relations with Hefei Tobacco Institute, Anhui University, Hefei University of Technology and so on. 2010 与安徽大学合作成立了合肥中鼎安徽大学技术研究中心。 And in cooperation with Anhui University in 2010, Hefei Zhongding Anhui University Technology Research Center was established. 年底,受合肥市委托组建“合肥市物流分拣工程技术中心”。 At the end of 2010 , hefei was commissioned to set up the "Hefei Logistics Sorting Engineering Technology Center".

Looking to the future, Zhongding will vigorously carry forward the "Ding" cultural spirit of "sincerity", "realism" and "newness", strive to strengthen the construction of enterprise innovation capabilities, continue to accelerate industrial technology upgrades, continue to improve operating management mechanisms, and actively build a harmonious Zhongding In order to realize the vision of "hundred years of tripod, evergreen foundation", revitalize national industry, and promote national economic and social development, continue to struggle!

Zhongding Manufacturing Capability

CNC 模具高速加工中心、精密电脉冲机床、慢走丝电火花数控线切割机、数控车床、三座标测量仪、直读硬度计、金相显微镜等当前国际一流的 CNC 模具制造加工中心和检测设备 50 余台; The base has set up a national second-level qualification standard testing room. It has Japan's CNC mold high-speed machining center, precision electric pulse machine tools, slow-wire EDM CNC wire cutting machines, CNC lathes, three-coordinate measuring instruments, direct-reading hardness testers, and metallographic microscopes. Waiting for more than 50 sets of current world-class CNC mold manufacturing and processing centers and testing equipment ;

ISO9001-2000 ISO/TS16949 2002 质量体系认证。 The company's current product research and development, technology level, quality system, and management system are becoming more and more mature and mature. At present, it has passed ISO9001-2000 , ISO / TS16949-2002 quality system certification.

The production base has more than 100 sets of high-precision production equipment such as welding robots, aluminum casting machines, cold heading machines, CNC machining centers, and mesh belt heat treatment furnaces;

The company's production base is located in Zhongding Industrial Park, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningguo City, Anhui Province. CAD/CAPP/CAM/CAE 制造技术。 It has successively introduced from Taiwan, the United States, Italy and other countries internationally advanced processing, testing equipment and internationally advanced 3D CAD / CAPP / CAM / CAE manufacturing technologies.

5S ”现场管理和 Effective use of advanced " 5S " field management and "Lean production" method, the manufacturing process has fully achieved the goal of lean production;

The company has strong processing strength, complete testing methods, sound quality system, and sufficient production efficiency, which provides a strong guarantee for the high-quality and efficient supply of logistics equipment products!

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