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Zhongding people vow

I am a proud Zhongding person,

"China's intelligent manufacturing, world-renowned"

Lead us to improve ourselves and strive for excellence

I am proud of Zhongding

"Creating Value Together, Sharing Happiness"

Motivate us to lay a solid foundation and continue to improve

I am proud of Zhongding

To chase common dreams

We are “dedicated and honest, civilized and friendly”

To write a century of glory

We "strive and lead innovation"

Zhongding Vision: China's Intelligent Manufacturing

"China's intelligent manufacturing, world-renowned reputation" is the goal of Zhongding and the common ideal of all Zhongding people. Zhongding is determined to be a pioneer in the transition from "Made in China" to "Made in China". Zhongding strives to be the spokesperson for high-end brands in the industry worldwide.

Zhongding business purpose, create value, share happiness

Zhongding's core value, integrity, dedication, civilization and friendliness

万众鼎力 引领创新 Zhongding's entrepreneurial spirit

Zhongding development concept, common cause, sustainable development

Zhongding's concept of innovation, forward-looking thinking, forward-looking actions

Zhongding's quality concept, character determines product quality is more important than Taishan

Zhongding's view of learning

Zhongding Talent View Prosperity for Talents Help Talents to Success

Long-term goal: Centennial Zhongding, foundation evergreen

Strategic initiatives:

While maintaining the steady growth of the main business, we will actively extend the company's industrial chain so that the company will transform from a single component supplier to an assembly company, an integrator and an integrated service provider. At the same time, we persist in innovating, and through the effective integration of global high-quality resources, we strive to improve the level of global service and strive to build an innovative enterprise with international competitiveness.

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