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400-1069-887 National Free Service Hotline: 400-1069-887

Service philosophy

  • We are determined to be a leading domestic one-stop solution provider for intelligent logistics, and an industry-renowned, outstanding company with continuous brand value.
  • We are ready to provide you with a full range of services, including process design and planning, project integration and transformation, system implementation and maintenance, etc.

服务理念 5S service concept

  • Smile (smile)-use smiles to convey our sincere and considerate service attitude.
  • Swift-fast completion of repairs and maintenance services with rapid action.
  • Sincere-sincere attitude is the basic principle of after-sales personnel to deal with people.
  • Skillful-Uses smart working methods and rich maintenance skills to gain customers' trust.
  • Specialty (specialty)-always learning professional knowledge to provide customers with professional and quality services.

项服务保障 6 service guarantees

  • CallCenter service that integrates Internet, telephone network and mobile network.
  • Establish product health maintenance files and trace life cycle management throughout the process.
  • Establish customer and user file management systems, and carry out customer care from time to time.
  • Professional technical service personnel and full technical consultation system.
  • Perfect after-sales service network.
  • Perfect accessories and standardized service management processes.

项服务承诺 7 service commitments

  • Open a 24-hour hotline.
  • Within 24 hours within 800 kilometers, 48 hours above 800 kilometers arrived at the customer site.
  • The price of accessories is public, the complaint phone is public, and the service standards are publicized.
  • There is no charge for 100% of the scope of the Three Guarantees, and 100% of the premium service is reasonable.
  • Limited time guarantee for troubleshooting.
  • Free inspection and maintenance during the three guarantee period.
  • Product lifetime maintenance.

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