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  • 自动化立体库可以在哪些领域领用? Q: In what fields can the automated stereo library be used?

    Industrial production area :

    1. Pharmaceutical production: Pharmaceutical production was one of the earliest fields to apply automated three-dimensional libraries. In 1993, Guangzhou Yangcheng Pharmaceutical Factory built China's first automated three-dimensional library for pharmaceutical production. Since then, dozens of enterprises such as Jilin Aodong, Northeast Pharmaceutical, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical, and Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group have successfully applied automated three-dimensional libraries.
    2. Automobile manufacturing: one of the earliest fields in China to apply automated stereo libraries. China FAW is the earliest unit to apply automated three-dimensional library. At present, China's major auto manufacturing companies have almost no exception in applying automated stereo libraries.
    3. Mechanical manufacturing: It is one of the fields in which automated stereo libraries are widely used. Such as Sany Heavy Industry.
    4. Electronic manufacturing: Lenovo and other electronic fields began to use automated three-dimensional library systems after 2000.
    5. Tobacco Manufacturing: The most common industry in China that uses automated three-dimensional libraries. And a large number of imported equipment. Typical examples are Honghe and Changsha.

    Logistics field :

    1. Tobacco distribution: Automatic three-dimensional library system is widely used.
    2. Pharmaceutical distribution: In response to GSP certification, a large number of automated three-dimensional libraries have been applied to the field of pharmaceutical distribution throughout the country. Such as Chinese medicine, medicine and so on.
    3. Airport Cargo: An area where early adoption of automated three-dimensional libraries. Each major airport uses a three-dimensional warehouse system for baggage handling.
    4. Subway: With the rapid development of China's subway construction, the application of automated three-dimensional library has spread widely.

    Commodity manufacturing field :

    1. Apparel: The application of automated three-dimensional libraries in the apparel field has been a thing in recent years.
    2. Wine: such as Yanghe, Niulanshan, etc.
    3. Milk: Mengniu, Yili and other companies have applications.
    4. Chemical industry: one of the earliest industries that applied automated three-dimensional libraries.
    5. Printing, publishing, books: It is also one of the widely used industries.

    Military applications :

    One of the most common areas for applying automated stereo libraries. Logistics and equipment are particularly common.


    In addition, there are many areas where automated stereo libraries are used. Such as core library, tire library, teaching library, etc. Due to space limitations, not one by one.

  • 什么是智能物流? Q: What is intelligent logistics?

    Intelligent logistics is the use of advanced Internet of Things technologies such as barcodes, radio frequency identification technology, sensors, global positioning systems, etc. through information processing and network communication technology platforms are widely used in the logistics industry transportation, warehousing, distribution, packaging, loading and unloading to realize the goods. The automatic operation and efficient management of the transportation process improve the service level of the logistics industry, reduce costs, and reduce the consumption of natural and social resources. A large number of intelligent operations planning and decision-making in the logistics operation process; with logistics management as the core, the integration of transportation, storage, packaging, loading and unloading in the logistics process and the layering of intelligent logistics systems; the development of intelligent logistics will be even more Highlight the "customer-centric" concept and flexibly adjust production processes based on changes in consumer demand; the development of intelligent logistics will promote the development of regional economies and the optimal allocation of world resources to achieve socialization. Through the four intelligent mechanisms of the intelligent logistics system, namely the intelligent acquisition technology of information, intelligent transmission technology, intelligent processing technology, and intelligent application technology.

  • 什么是智能物流一站式解决方案? Q: What is a one-stop solution for intelligent logistics?

    The one-stop intelligent logistics solution of Zhongding Technology provides enterprises with professional overall logistics solutions for 2025 made in China and Industry 4.0.

    The plan realizes the integration of logistics equipment automation technology and logistics information technology to realize the informationization of enterprise logistics management, the automation of logistics equipment, the efficiency of logistics operations, and the clustering goals of logistics scale. The content of the plan construction includes the overall business process planning and design of the warehousing, sorting, packaging, and transportation of the enterprise logistics link, as well as the automation equipment (automated warehouse, sorting equipment, packaging equipment, transportation equipment, etc.) and information in each link system integration. Help customers reduce operating personnel, improve production efficiency, enhance brand value, and build lean logistics.

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