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Warehouse Management System (WMS)
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Zhongding digital storage management system is a business operating system for modern logistics enterprises to manage and process cargo. Its management content mainly includes three parts: the layout design of the storage system, the optimal design of the inventory, and the planning and design of the storage operation.                                        

The layout design of the storage system: it is the top core module of the storage system. Based on the "joint management", we use the combination of centralized, distributed and hybrid design ideas to layout the different types of logistics centers. Full consideration should be given to the problems of system adaptability and versatility that would not occur due to changes in the layout and design of the warehouse.

Optimal inventory design: According to the management objectives and management model of the logistics center, we will carry out a unified design and planning of the storage system according to one node of the supply chain, and perform a variety of logistics operation factors such as service quality, operating costs, profit accounting, customer management Comprehensive analysis and design to form the optimal inventory design plan.

Warehousing operation planning and design: According to the combination of "good flow of goods" and the optimal storage plan of the inventory, plan various operations such as inbound, outbound, and inventory. On the basis of the same type of operation, the operation specification process planning of different actual operations is carried out to achieve the purpose of efficiency and speed.

The main modules of "Zhongding Digital Warehouse Management System" include warehouse planning module, warehouse access management module, LED / LCD auxiliary operation module, PDP warehouse panoramic operation guidance module, RFID digital tray module, paperless real-time inventory module, etc.

The goal of "Zhongding Digital Warehouse Management System" is to guide and standardize warehouse operations, thereby ensuring the accuracy of operations, increasing the speed of operations, and automatically registering related recorded data, through the effective combination of logistics, information flow, and data flow. In the end, the goals of improving warehouse operation efficiency, improving transparency and authenticity of warehouse data management, and reducing warehouse operation costs are finally achieved.

The main function

Daily business Inbound management Outbound management Profit and loss management Zero-replenishment Replenishment Relocation of storage locations Crossover management Stock setting

Reconciliation management Warehouse management Storage location maintenance Cigarette information Warehouse inventory Warehouse reports Inventory statistics Storage location inventory

Warehouse query Inventory query System configuration Rights management Parameter configuration Coding dictionary Policy configuration Data interface

Application customers: Jiangsu Hengshun Vinegar Industry, Laoshan Mineral Water, Dong'e Ejiao, Guilin Sanjin Pharmaceutical, Edsia Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kaiquan Group, Anhui Chenguang Precision, Zhongding Group, etc.

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