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Warehouse Equipment Control System (WCS)
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WCS is the abbreviation of Warehouse Control System. WCS is a layer of management and control system between the WMS system and the execution equipment system. It belongs to the category of dispatch monitoring layer and equipment execution layer, and plays an important role in supporting and linking up. The structure of WCS's dispatching and monitoring layer and equipment execution layer makes the system have the characteristics of information orientation, centralized management, segmented control, and comprehensive monitoring, so that the system can achieve the overall optimal performance. Each layer assumes different tasks and has different functions.

The dispatching monitoring layer system is the hub linking the logistics management layer and the equipment execution layer system. It is connected with the upper management, receives the instructions and plans of the logistics management system, decomposes and issues them to the execution equipment, and reports the completion of the lower management. With complete equipment monitoring functions, display and modification of process parameters, equipment parameters. The graphical interface can intuitively display business processes, logistics status, logistics location, operating parameters, and fault alarms. Detect and display equipment operating status; report and record equipment failure, communication failure, and execution equipment failure. Integrate each control device of the logistics system and provide interfaces; provide detailed operation records and operation logs.

As the key link of real-time execution, the execution control layer system can be connected to the upper computer to receive sorting and transmission job task instructions. At the same time, the system can be connected to the detection and driving unit of the underlying hardware device to convert the execution task into a specific logical relationship. State detection to complete continuous, stable, efficient and reliable actions of the system. Through the operation of this system, it is possible to achieve stock removal, replenishment and review. The whole set of operation processes such as shunting, combining, sorting, etc. At the same time, in order to ensure that the system can be easily used and maintained, the system provides related fault alarms, safety measures, and point-to-point operations.

The system obtains order sorting information through WCS-WMS docking, and controls the sorting information to the specific execution unit actions of different equipment through internal data transfer and logical processing, and performs status judgment through detection to complete the system from order data release, automatic transmission, and automatic movement. Loading, automatic merging, automatic merging and sorting. The control system uses industrial Ethernet to transmit order information to the upper layer, and uses the DP field bus to transmit execution and detection signals to the lower layer units to ensure efficient transmission and stable operation of the system.

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