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Sorting Information Management System
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The picking information management system downloads order-related data from the customer marketing database through a software interface. According to the optimization principle, the rational arrangement of the production line sorting unit is performed according to the labor balance principle of each post, and the outbound order for daily products is generated. And provide the sorting monitoring control data with data information according to the district company order, delivery line order, customer delivery order, etc., and finally generate sorting job data and provide related information query functions.

The information management system is mainly composed of four parts: information maintenance, sorting operation, query and system setting. The main function of information maintenance is to perform related maintenance on various types of information in the logistics and distribution link; the sorting operation module is mainly for the data processing and transmission of various process links in the automated sorting process; the document query module is for production operations Each link provides different forms of related data query functions to facilitate the user's decision-making on the entire sorting operation link; the system setting module is to maintain the operating environment and operating information set to ensure the normal use of the entire system.

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