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Sorting equipment control system
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The sorting equipment control system is a key link for real-time execution. It can be connected to the upper computer to receive sorting and transmission job task instructions. At the same time, the system can be connected to the detection and driving unit of the underlying hardware equipment to convert the execution task into a specific logical relationship Motion status detection to complete continuous, stable, efficient and reliable motion of the system. Through the operation of this system, the physical picking process of order data can be realized. In order to ensure the system is easy to use and maintain, we provide you with functions such as fault alarm, safety measures and point-to-point operation to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment.


The stable operation of the sorting equipment control system directly affects the operation status of the sorting equipment. In the process of designing the entire system, a number of core devices were designed to ensure the normal operation of the system. Due to the decentralized control method, the channel machine product specifications can be converted to the standing machine product specifications. When a unit fails, you can manually switch to confirm the process. Among them, the use of single-item scale for the channel sorter can improve efficiency and ensure the normal operation of the system. The data is switched between the picking channels, and the system provides a step-oriented dialog box to ensure the security of the system during the switching process.

The control and information system of the entire sorting subsystem is the central nervous part of the entire system. In order to ensure the high degree of reliability of the entire scheme, the control and monitoring of important system components in the scheme design control system are configured independently and in communication with each other. design. The system uses a reliable PROFINET communication protocol in the client side of the network, a PROFIBUS communication protocol in the control layer, and a distributed control structure for design. The PLC connects field control components through remote I / O templates, which effectively reduces field wiring and saves It reduces the cost and greatly facilitates the maintenance and expansion of the system; the advanced PROFIBUS high-speed communication speed makes the data interaction between the control systems and between the control system and the higher-level information management system greatly improved, providing openness The communication interface allows users to choose field equipment from different manufacturers, which makes the user's future upgrade and maintenance work extremely simple. The IO module of the master station and the communication switch have set certain spare ports to ensure safe production. Intermittent operation; and in the case of power failure, the battery carried by the CPU can keep the system sorting status for more than 15 days, eliminating irreparable losses caused by power failure.

Site of a smart sorting project for a tobacco company in Liaoning


烟草智能分拣项目现场 Tobacco intelligent sorting project site of a tobacco company in Shanxi

智能分拣项目客户现场 Customer site of a smart sorting project for a tobacco company in Liaoning

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