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Anti-counterfeit and anti-channeling management system
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With the development of society, the explosion of information resources, paper, food, pharmaceuticals and other fast-moving consumer goods industries have seen more and more product and supply chain security needs. Fake goods and channeling have seriously disrupted the normal development of enterprises. Order, health and safety of sales channels have become important issues facing manufacturers. How to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises and realize the rapid, stable, and healthy development of production and markets has always been an important problem facing enterprises.

People have been trying to find various ways to solve this difficult problem. To a certain extent, although it has played a certain effect and role, with the continuous development of technology and scientific progress, many traditional solutions The model has been unable to meet the needs of the new era, and increasingly prominent problems have caused many production companies to think. In the information age, smart people need to use advanced high-tech methods and perfect system specifications to achieve today's highly competitive market system, escort corporate marketing channels, guarantee product quality and safety, reduce business risks, and establish a brand image. Convenient counterfeiting and anti-channeling, retrospective recall provides a complete set of perfect solutions suitable for the characteristics of the enterprise itself.

Zhongding's "anti-channeling cargo management system" is developed on the basis of fully absorbing domestic and foreign anti-channeling cargo management experience and combining with the rapid development of code-changing coding technology in recent years. The system uses encryption technology to assign a unique electronic "identity card" to product packaging, implements packaging management at all levels of the product through algorithms, and implements real-time query of product authenticity through information communication technology and Internet technology to achieve product flow information query. The company has established a comprehensive management and control platform for product traceability management, which opens the channel for enterprise information flow. The system automatically records the user's query location, and through the user query information and the sales area set by the logistics code itself to conduct a comparative analysis, you can understand the sales situation of each dealer, and the system automatically alerts the sales of goods. At the same time, corporate market managers can also use smart phones, the Internet, mobile text messages, WeChat, mobile APP, mobile WEB and other tools to conduct spot checks anytime and anywhere to check whether products that have entered the circulation link have channeled. In addition, the system can also provide customers with self-service anti-counterfeiting query functions from multiple channels, creating a secure product environment for customers and greatly improving customer experience.

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