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Electronic drug regulatory code system
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The State Food and Drug Administration began to implement electronic drug supervision in 2006. By the end of February 2012, the full range of narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, blood products, traditional Chinese medicine injections, vaccines, and basic drugs had been included in electronic supervision, and On this basis, it will be gradually promoted to other pharmaceutical preparations to achieve full coverage of pharmaceutical electronic supervision. The national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” clearly proposes “to establish a food and drug quality traceability system, to form a safety responsibility chain with traceable sources, traceable directions, and accountable responsibilities,” to ensure the safety of drugs in all aspects of production, circulation and use. The most effective crackdown on counterfeit and inferior drugs, the quickest implementation of the traceability and recall of problematic drugs, the maximum protection of the legitimate interests of enterprises, and the safety of drug use by the people.

Zhongding IES-Drug Supervision Code System is the first domestic system integrator of electronic medicine supervision code system that passed the CITIC 21 world certification. The products are mainly used to achieve national supervision of product production and distribution processes, help manufacturers to complete the drug supervision code assignment of products at all levels, and at the same time collect the data relationship between related product packaging and products through automatic identification and collection system. Data sharing is realized through the network, and drug manufacturers, distribution companies, and governments are included in a unified monitoring platform. The system has the following characteristics:

◆ For the application of group enterprises above designated size, adopt intensive management mode to support multi-factory collaborative organization of production

◆ System deployment is flexible, and the architecture is on the enterprise LAN or the Internet, making full use of the enterprise's own information resources;

◆ Support online and offline management mode at the same time, offline mode can transfer task data through mobile devices to prevent system paralysis caused by network failure;

◆ Hierarchical authority, separate data management and equipment management configuration, clear power and responsibility;

◆ Data distributed storage, automatic backup of data can be configured, and regular backup of mobile storage is used to ensure data security;

◆ The system uses a combination of B / S architecture and C / S architecture to meet the stable, real-time and efficient requirements of the production line, and also provides a convenient and practical query management station;

◆ Managers can easily monitor the running status of each production line through the platform and supervise the implementation of production tasks;

◆ The system platform provides rich statistical query and analysis features;

a. The production management department can perform production statistics based on the work station and employees as the basis for performance evaluation;

b. Provide query and analysis of abnormal conditions in the production line to help improve production;

c. Provide the monitoring function of the drug monitoring code usage status.

Zhongding Pharmaceutical Supervisory Code Conveying Line

Field application of a pharmaceutical supervision code in a pharmaceutical industry in Zhejiang

Field application of a pharmacy supervision code for a pharmaceutical company in Hainan

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