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.Slider sorting equipment
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Today, violent sorting incidents in the express delivery industry are endless, and different goods are accumulated in the logistics warehouse. In order to alleviate the sorting pressure of the storage center, Zhongding Technology introduced a slider sorter. This sorter can achieve more than 9,000 items per hour. Zhongding Technology launches a slider sorter, which not only meets the different needs of customers, but also enables online diagnosis and visual sorting data functions, reduces violent sorting, and increases the sorting efficiency of logistics and storage centers. helper.

Zhongding Technology's slider-type sorting machine is supported by slats. The positive direction change towards any side of the sorting machine is completed by the sliding push block sliding over the slats. The slider's flat push sorting method can achieve the highest sorting rate at the lowest linear speed. The slider sorter not only has the powerful performance of the sorting rate of more than 9,000 items per hour, but also can handle small A large range of products ranging from packages that are 150 mm long and weigh only 50 grams, to packages that are more than 1 meter long and weigh up to 50 kg. It can realize online diagnosis and visualized sorting data, real-time and automatic speed control based on actual efficiency requirements, effectively saving energy and reducing wear and tear.

Zhongding Technology's slider sorter does not use a chain, does not require lubrication, has the ability to quickly change the slider, and achieves a high sorting rate at lower speeds, thereby extending product life, durability and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the slider sorter is an application, output and production target design exclusive to the enterprise, which can meet the different needs of the enterprise.

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