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Oblique Guide Sorting Equipment
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Zhongding Technology's high-speed inclined guide wheel sorting equipment is designed for a series of sorting and regional routing applications, which can provide practical, efficient applications with less than 3,000 cartons per hour, and a lower number of destinations. The high-speed inclined guide wheel sorter is composed of a shaping section, an acceleration section, a high-speed inclined wheel sorter, and a control system. High-speed inclined wheel sorter is composed of belt conveyor and inclined wheel splitter. Suitable for flat and continuous product sorting. Modular structure, reconfiguration, lengthening or shortening is very convenient. It is cost-effective and can fully meet the requirements of fast and stable transfer and sorting of logistics units. It is widely used in the automated transportation systems of the tobacco, pharmaceutical, express, clothing, and beverage industries.

Hefei sorting application site of a pharmaceutical distribution company in Hefei

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