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Rotary Intelligent Access System
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In the pharmaceutical, retail, clothing, electronics, manufacturing and other industries and various B2C occasions, as customer demand evolves into small batches, multiple varieties, high timeliness and quality services, the frequency of cargo turnover and types of goods in logistics centers and warehouses The number and quantity index increase rapidly, and at the same time, there are higher requirements on the efficiency and accuracy of the picking operation and the advanced technology.

Zhongding's rotary intelligent storage system is a warehouse picking device with the goal of "cargo to person". It fills the shortcomings of traditional storage equipment that cannot be used for small-scale picking and low utilization of shelf space. , Reduce the staff's ineffective movement, improve the utilization of space, and significantly improve the ability of warehouse storage, picking.

可分为天、地轨、传动机构、货篮、信息管理系统和电控系统等组成。 The rotary intelligent storage system can be divided into sky, ground rail, transmission mechanism, cargo basket, information management system and electronic control system. The power and size of the device can be customized according to user needs.

应用现场 Application site of rotary intelligent access system for a rubber product manufacturing company in Anhui

应用现场 Application site of rotary intelligent access system for a seal company in Anhui

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