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Shuttle board stand
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Shuttle type high-density storage system: It consists of shuttle shelves, shuttle trolleys, and forklifts or stackers. This efficient storage method is to improve the utilization of warehouse space.

The shuttle board is mainly used for docking with a multi-point conveyor line or an operating station, and has the advantage of a transportation speed that is far more than that of an ordinary conveyor. Due to the low load, this model can be designed in multiple types according to actual needs, which is more convenient to develop new varieties than heavy-duty shuttles. The design can be equipped with a variety of equipment, such as conveyors, transplanters. At the same time, the type of multi-track turning can be developed as required. This model mainly walks on specific tracks.

Maximum walking acceleration a = 1 or so M / S²

Maximum walking speed V1 = 120-180M / MIN

Maximum payload G≤100Kg

The overall load power is about W = 1.5Kw.

Main application cargo: good rigid mass

Container cargo size range (except L * B. Height): 400 * 400—600 * 400

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