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.Transferring equipment
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The transfer conveyor is mainly used for the shunting or turning of the logistics unit, so that the logistics unit can realize fast and accurate transfer between the conveyor lines. It adopts a series of advanced control technology and detection technology to ensure each execution of the equipment. Actions can be completed accurately, reliably, and quickly. It has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, strong practicability, and high cost performance. The size can be adjusted reasonably according to the site conditions, and it can fully meet the requirements of a fast and stable transfer line of the logistics unit. It is widely used in automated transportation systems in various industries.

The specific external dimensions and load-bearing capacity are mainly designed and adjusted based on the parameters of the load-bearing materials and the requirements of the conveying process, and are highly adaptable.

Application site of transfer conveyor for smart tobacco sorting project of a tobacco company in Liaoning

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