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Tobacco industry applications
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Hefei Zhongding Technology is the earliest provider of tobacco industry logistics solutions in China. Continue to deeply study the operating model of the domestic tobacco industry, and respond to customer needs in accordance with the characteristics of cigarette sorting and distribution. Through scientific data (EIQ) analysis, plan advanced technological processes, reasonably match various equipment and module combinations, and optimize and screen through multiple rounds. Provide unsophisticated cigarette sorting and distribution solutions. Adapt to the technological process of the tobacco industry, provide customers with various links including inbound document processing, unloading scanning, automatic shelves, in-warehouse management, sorting order optimization, stocking, replenishment, sorting, code assignment, packaging, distribution, and control. Full process solution. Create a blueprint for customers based on "Made in China 2025", take industrial innovation and development as the core idea, and take physical fitness and efficiency as the center, accelerate the deep integration of information technology and tobacco logistics distribution centers, and promote the development of intelligent manufacturing in the tobacco industry.

The plan meets the system construction needs of various types of cigarette logistics distribution centers. The marketing and sorting data is exported from the tobacco visit and sales data center through a computer network. After the software is optimized, a sorting order instruction is generated and downloaded to the sorting control system. The control system completes the sorting and distribution of cigarettes accurately and efficiently through the execution unit, realizing the intelligence and automation of the operation. The system solution covers mechanical design, electrical control automation, embedded systems, computer application software, and network communication as a multi-disciplinary application integration. It has obtained the national invention patent and patent number: CN200910116001.1.

The overall solution uses a practical idea of flexible module combinations. The design of the plan is always based on the actual data of the logistics distribution center and medium and long-term planning, taking full account of the actual use effect and future scalability. The main system modules include: Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Equipment Control Management System (WCS), Transfer Management System (TMS), Electronic Label Picking System (DPS), Handheld RF Picking System, Automatic Sorting Information Management System, External Information interface; integrated storage and separation three-dimensional warehouse, special automatic sorting equipment (high-speed cigarette sorting machine, medium-speed cigarette sorting machine, special-shaped cigarette sorting machine), automatic unpacking equipment, automatic packaging equipment, automatic coding equipment, Supporting robots, shuttle equipment and other components.

The products of the plan have involved 24 provinces, municipalities and municipalities directly under the central government, and more than 500 prefecture-level tobacco companies have been applied.

Industry case:

A tobacco company in Liaoning

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