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Automotive parts industry applications
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With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more product and supply chain safety requirements have emerged in the auto parts industry. Product quality and safety have always been major issues facing manufacturers. It also seriously interfered with the healthy and stable development of enterprises. At the same time, with the increasingly fierce global competition and higher and higher raw material costs, manufacturers are facing increasing competition and cost pressures. How to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises and realize the rapid, stable, and healthy development of production and markets has always been an important problem facing enterprises. With the continuous development of technology and scientific progress, many traditional solutions can no longer meet the needs of the new era, and increasingly prominent problems have caused many production enterprises to think. In today's information age, smart people need to use advanced high-tech methods and perfect system specifications to achieve today's highly competitive market system, to guarantee the quality and safety of enterprises, reduce business risks, establish a brand image, facilitate counterfeiting, anti-channeling, and traceability. The recall provides a complete set of perfect solutions that fit the characteristics of the business itself.

Zhongding Technology's intelligent logistics solution for the auto parts industry provides a complete set of one-stop smart logistics solutions for many logistics problems that have been plagued by auto parts industry companies for a long time. The plan uses an information management system as a platform and digital technology, barcode technology and RFID technology as carriers to digitally identify each link of the company's products (including raw material sources, production links, outbound and inbound links, distribution links, and consumer fields). (This kind of identification is unique for each product, that is, there is a one-to-one correspondence between the mark and the traced object), and combined with the latest barcode automatic identification technology, serial number management ideas, barcode equipment (barcode printer, barcode reader) , Data collector, etc.) Effectively collect relevant information and data of the management object in the production and logistics operations, and track the entire process of the management object's circulation and movement in its life cycle, in order to realize the means or methods that the object can be traced back.

The solution provides basic logistics storage and picking solutions based on bar codes, and also provides automated solutions based on automated library, automatic picking, and automated packaging. The system covers the management of purchased raw materials and suppliers, the management of raw material outbound and inbound storage, production and input management, production process management, packaging code management, semi-finished product storage and outbound management, distribution management, anti-counterfeit and anti-channeling management, and OEM information exchange. Wait. Production enterprises can reasonably select various management modules for system integration according to their own needs, and realize the true value of the enterprise through the effective application of each module.

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