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FMCG Industry Application
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In recent years, the domestic e-commerce field has developed rapidly, and competition in the traditional FMCG industry has intensified. If the logistics efficiency of enterprises is rapidly improved, customer concentration and after-sale satisfaction are accelerated, and the rapid flow of corporate funds is becoming an urgent issue for the FMCG industry.

The intelligent logistics solution of Zhongding FMCG industry can meet the specific needs of FMCG production environment, such as the effective use of space, 24-hour continuous operation, scheduling and supply, lean, quality, man-machine combination, etc. The scheme design can optimize the processes involving the following items: warehouse receipt, raw material storage, in-plant material distribution, work-in-progress temporary storage, finished product inventory storage, shipping and transportation, and can handle various loading types, such as cage trucks, turnover Boxes, barrels, trays.

The solution always takes the material as the core of control. Through automatic sorting, automatic packing, automatic storage, shuttle, AGV, production management system and other automated equipment and information management software, it solves the large labor consumption and storage and logistics costs in the production process of the enterprise. High, low precision, low efficiency, difficult product flow control, low customer experience, etc. The integrated management of the flow of finished products has been achieved, the core competitiveness of the brand of high-quality products and efficient logistics has been created, and a harmonious ecological value chain between enterprises, customers and products has been realized.

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