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Third-party logistics industry applications
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Zhongding Technology provides a wide range of logistics support systems for third-party logistics companies, including regional three-party logistics companies and large domestic logistics service providers. These solutions are designed to meet the specific application needs of customers manufacturing or distributing products. The design of a typical solution optimizes processes involving: receipt, storage, warehousing, replenishment, FCL and single-item picking, ancillary procurement, work in process storage, material distribution, consolidation, order packaging, and loading , And can handle a variety of loading types: trays, blister trays, cartons, cage cars, mail, etc.

We provide third-party logistics companies with planning and design services based on overall distribution centers, automation equipment design and integration services, and information management software research and development services. Including: pallet-type vertical storage, bin-type vertical storage, AGV, RGV, cargo-to-person picking, cross-belt sorting, slider sorting, electronic tag-type picking, logistics scheduling, container loading and other intelligent logistics solution.

Zhongding Technology has introduced an industrial engineering method based on the actual activities of customers in the development of each system. Zhongding Technology has the process improvement engineering experience and professional skills needed to design high-performance solutions to successfully serve many well-known domestic third-party logistics companies. The core of the solution is innovative system design and strategic management software, which can provide real-time control, visualization and business assistance.

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