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Intelligent packaging system solution for a sanitary products manufacturer
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A Fujian sanitary products production company was one of the first companies to enter the Chinese sanitary napkin market. It is currently the largest domestic tissue and maternal and child sanitary products manufacturer. Its production and sales network covers the whole country and its market share ranks among the best in the country.

Zhongding Technology has established a cooperative relationship with the company since 2011, providing intelligent logistics system solutions for its 10 provinces and cities' production bases from anti-counterfeit and anti-channeling, information management to automatic packaging.

With the increase of labor cost and the increase of competition pressure in the industry, the original single manual packaging mode is far from meeting the needs of Hengan for efficiency and benefits. Therefore, the company urgently needs a fast and efficient automated packaging solution to improve the competitiveness of the company.

Zhongding Technology's intelligent packaging system solution integrates unpacking, pallet packing, packing, box sealing, information correlation, automatic labeling, and transportation functions. The whole machine adopts a modular structure, and a variety of products can be adjusted and exchanged quickly and easily; it has automatic palletizing, automatic correlation, and automatic packing functions, and the system has functions such as real-time monitoring of the entire process and abnormal alarm output.


* The intelligent packaging system can be docked with one or two sets of charter machines according to production needs.

* Set up related equipment according to the system coding and verification needs, complete the functions of combined conveyance, verification, inspection, weighing, and handling of abnormal conditions, and lay the foundation for automatic packing in the back end.

* The intelligent packaging system automatically arranges and pushes the products before packing in accordance with the principle of layer packing, ensuring the continuity and timeliness of packing.

* As a supporting facility of the intelligent packaging system, an automatic box opener is set as the system to continuously open and supply boxes. The automatic box opener realizes empty box supply and accurate arrival in the unified coordination of the automatic box loading system.

* Use high-precision, high-reliability multi-axis robot to complete the product grabbing of the packaging box; after packing, it will be automatically conveyed to the sealing process. The intelligent packaging system completes the automatic verification of the packing error here, and the correctness of the association relationship system automatically recognizes and judges.

* In the automatic packing process, the code-associating system automatically assigns codes to products, and establishes the association relationship between different packaging levels. In order to ensure the accuracy of the system association, a scientific and rigorous algorithm is used to implement automatic tracking and automatic correlation of the association relationship Correction.

* After packing the products, the automatic labeling operation and associated verification are completed during the transportation process. The packing abnormal system promptly alarms and automatically removes the problem box from the line.

* After the automatic packing is completed, the packaging boxes are uniformly sealed by an automatic sealing machine, and then transported to the warehouse system by a conveyor to complete the storage operation.

Benefits for this sanitary product manufacturing company

The company's original production model was that two packing workers, one pallet mover and one pallet mover were used for each production line. After the automatic packing system was put into operation, the packing was automated and unattended. Due to the elimination of manual links, The packing link is seamlessly connected to the automated three-dimensional warehouse, the product flow and information flow are smoother, and the overall efficiency is greatly improved.

* Improve the level of automation of the packaging of sanitary products, and achieve a high degree of integration of product information and automation in the packaging process;

* From the original manual boxing to automatic boxing to achieve the purpose of reducing people and increasing efficiency;

* Reduce labor intensity, improve operation efficiency and accuracy, and improve production and operation levels.

In this case, Zhongding Technology accurately realized the docking of the company's anti-channeling system with the packaging system, and established a corresponding relationship between any packaged product in each box and the packaging box. Integration.

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