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Intelligent access storage rack for a rubber product manufacturing company-rotary system solution
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经营范围包括轴承密封圈、骨架油封、橡胶件、组合垫圈的研发生产、销售、出口的业务。 The business scope of an Anhui rubber products production company includes the business of R & D, production, sales and export of bearing seals, skeleton oil seals, rubber parts and combined gaskets. 品规数量大、品种多,零散件的管理尤其难以控制,不是找不到所需产品,就是难以快速高效的及时处理料单,更是占用较大的仓储空间。 During the development of the company, the number of product specifications is large and the variety is large. The management of scattered parts is particularly difficult to control. Either it is impossible to find the required product or it is difficult to quickly and efficiently process the bill of materials in a timely manner. . The above phenomenon makes the management of the company's warehouse materials significantly more difficult, which has brought great challenges to its entire production, storage and transportation system.

Zhongding Technology Intelligent Storage Shelves-Rotary System combines the coordinated cooperation of WMS, barcode management system and auxiliary warehouse to carry out information management on the storage, retrieval and transportation of goods. "! The rotating shelf can be rotated forward or backward. The system automatically judges to make the rotation stroke the shortest. The storage and retrieval of the goods need to be associated with the scanning code or confirmed to reduce errors and improve input efficiency. Shelves can be divided into three areas: main storage area, auxiliary storage area, and sorting operation area. The operation process is as follows:

* Deposit goods: first put the materials in the turnover box, enter the product specifications and quantity in the system, perform binding association, and then select the empty basket position. After the basket is transferred to the sorting station, put the turnover box in Correspond to the station, scan the bar code on the basket one by one, perform binding association, and complete the storage process;

* Production process: When the production planner formulates the plan, the product number entered will automatically remind the inventory quantity of the shelf, and then determine the reasonable production plan output; during the packaging process, when the production shift requires the same product number, it will Reminders are displayed on the display of the packing shift, allowing the packaging staff to prioritize the inventory products.

* Take out the goods: Enter the product number or scan the product number in the system, or import the product number from the production task. The system will rotate to the sorting station under safe conditions. After manual removal, the turnover box will be scanned and decoded. Tied, when only a small part of it is needed, you can enter the product to scan the code and unbind the number of parts.

项目上的应用实施,让储存的货物自动出库,实现物到人的分拣模式,从而做到仓储过程中"管"、"存"、"找"、“运”的高效连接,最终将解决该公司车间零头库存的现有问题,液气密部旋转货架的应用也将实现充分利用空间,提升仓储容量,分拣快捷高效、准确、省时省力的优势。 The application and implementation of the intelligent storage system solution of Zhongding Technology on the project of the rubber product production company allows the stored goods to be automatically out of the warehouse, and realizes the sorting mode of material-to-person. The efficient connection of "finding" and "shipping" will eventually solve the existing problems of the company's workshop inventories. The application of the rotating shelves in the liquid and gas tight department will also make full use of space, increase storage capacity, and sort quickly, efficiently, and accurately. The advantage of saving time and effort.

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