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Intelligent warehouse logistics solution for a railway equipment manufacturer
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In recent years, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements in a variety of fields, such as aerospace, satellites, shipbuilding and marine engineering, high-speed railway equipment and power locomotive manufacturing, etc., showing China's equipment manufacturing innovation and progress The new image of "Made in China" is getting more and more attention from the world.

Zhongding Technology's intelligent logistics system, while striving for the traditional industry, has grasped the development trend of the market and achieved a new breakthrough in the field of equipment manufacturing-successfully signed a contract with a heavy engineering machinery company to enter the railway equipment industry and work together Create intelligent warehouse logistics solutions for railway equipment companies.


Customer Introduction

The customer is a railway engineering machinery R & D and manufacturing enterprise with strong international competitiveness, with a variety of products, an international first-class "railway engineering machinery development platform", and the only national-level technology center in the industry. The products of customer companies are widely used in the construction, operation and maintenance of national railways, local railways, urban rail transit, and special lines for large enterprises.

Project Difficulties

The characteristics of the products produced by the equipment manufacturing industry determine that its production organization process is very complicated. There are multiple modes such as make-to-order manufacturing, non-standard manufacturing, and project manufacturing, and product diversity and product specifications are numerous. In the production process, there are a large number of customized productions, as well as changes in technical processes and production plan adjustments, etc., which are finally brought together in production logistics, resulting in a variety of materials and complete styles. Thousands of kinds of inventory materials management, if still in accordance with traditional inventory management methods, it is easy to cause on-site management confusion, low storage space utilization, a large amount of material backlog, sluggishness, personnel intensity, time-consuming, inefficient, and safe The outstanding problem directly affects the improvement of production efficiency and is an invisible cost-killer.


The Zhongding Technology project team conducted an in-depth investigation of the customer's production site, collected, summarized, organized, and analyzed the customer's storage status and material management needs, combined with the development planning ideas of the enterprise's intelligent manufacturing, and inherited the existing sites, functional partitions, and facilities. The equipment is used for design layout, and through logistics simulation, a brand-new intelligent logistics system for customers is established and designed—the automated three-dimensional intelligent storage system , to help customers fully realize the intelligent, automated, and informatized management and control of storage and logistics.

Project construction content:

  • Warehousing and logistics center area planning, information system design and development, logistics automation equipment selection, human resource allocation, etc .;
  • The three-dimensional warehouse provides more than 2,700 pallet storage locations and more than 6,400 bin storage locations. It is equipped with 4 pallet stackers and a high-speed stacker in the bin storage area.
  • Warehouse loading and unloading efficiency: 58 disks / hour; realizing the composite efficiency of trays of 330 disks / hour, meeting the production needs of enterprises;
  • The core information management system WMS and WCS systems perform full-process management and control of the warehousing process, seamlessly interface with the owner's existing infor ERP system interface, and build a complete operation system;
  • Reduce the area occupied by the warehouse, and it is expected that the utilization rate of warehouse space will increase by 225%.

Value effect reflects:

  • Comprehensive logistics and warehousing data analysis, overall planning, and reasonable layout;
  • Combine multiple storage modes to meet the storage and sorting needs of different specifications of materials;
  • Customized material box tray solves the problem of tens of thousands of materials standardization;
  • Follow and effectively optimize existing business processes;
  • Integrated storage and distribution to achieve efficient logistics operations;
  • High-speed stacker meets the needs of user efficiency;
  • Application of automatic stacker, automatic conveying, and automatic detection to improve the level of management and control;
  • Multi-system integration and the opening of information silos to realize the intelligentization of enterprise material supply.

"Eye" highlights

"Visible benefits" is one of the principles for Zhongding Technology to create the most suitable design solution for customers! In this solution, in addition to the advantages of using ordinary conventional three-dimensional storage systems, combined with the production characteristics of the customer industry, we do more for our customers ...

Design and plan a combined storage area to meet the storage needs of multiple types of goods

After fully investigating the customer's material characteristics, a variety of combined storage areas such as flat storage, tray-type storage, and bin-type storage are planned to meet the needs of multiple types of material storage, and the site is used reasonably and effectively At the same time, the planning of the storage area based on the characteristics of the materials can effectively improve the efficiency of materials entering and leaving the warehouse.

Extend the life cycle of the system and achieve the value-added goal of the logistics system

In addition to meeting the current needs of customers, the project team also fully considered the customer's production system operating environment, development trends, human resources, information flow and other factors in the next 3-5 years to plan the overall customer logistics system. blueprint. At the same time, reserve space for system upgrade and reconstruction to achieve the value-added goal of user logistics system.

Interfacing with customers' production and supply chain management systems, opening up information links

The construction content of this plan includes the planning and design of the overall business process of the warehousing, sorting, and transportation nodes of the customer logistics link, as well as the R & D, production, and integration of the automatic equipment and information system in each link. Through the realization of intelligent logistics solutions, we help customers build a new logistics model. At the same time, the intelligent storage information system of Zhongding Technology is seamlessly connected with the customer's production and supply chain management system Infor ERP, which completely opens the information link. Lay a solid foundation for enterprises to build intelligent manufacturing.

With the cooperation and implementation of this project, Zhongding Technology will open up a new industry market area and provide comprehensive and professional services to more customers. So where is the next market breakthrough, let us look forward to the new development of Zhongding Technology!

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