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Zhongding Group 2015 Anhui New Product Appraisal Meeting Held Successfully
Release time: 2015-12-31 Clicks: Times
  On December 23, the 2015 Anhui New Product Appraisal Meeting of Zhongding Group was held in the conference room of Bayi Hotel in Hefei. The leaders and project leaders of Zhongding, Zhongding Rubber and Cooper Seal participated in the meeting on behalf of the group.
Under the auspices of Yang Yajun, deputy director of the Science and Technology Division of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, an expert review committee led by Professor Zhang Xingyuan was formed. The relevant project leaders of Zhongding Co., Ltd., Zhongding Rubber & Cooper Co., Ltd. submitted to the review committee the research and development and batch production of seven projects, including "vibration damping rings for electric power steering systems for automobiles" and "high pressure oil seals for hydraulic motors" Reported and answered questions raised by experts. In the end, the leaders and experts at the meeting fully affirmed the innovation and advancedness of our group's participating projects, and all seven participating projects successfully passed the expert review.
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