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Zhongding shares approved to raise more than 1.9 billion yuan and successfully approved
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15 日上午,为庆祝中鼎股份非公开发行股票获证监会审核通过,中鼎股份干部员工为从北京凯旋的夏迎松总经理举行了欢迎仪式。 On the morning of January 15th , to celebrate the approval of the CSRC for the non-public offering of shares of Zhongding, cadres and employees of Zhongding held a welcoming ceremony for General Manager Xia Yingsong from Beijing Triumph. At the welcoming ceremony, Xia Yingsong said that the successful approval of the private placement was another new starting point on our "ten billion Zhongding" step.

10 名的特定投资者,发行价格不低于 16.23 / 股。 The issuance is a non-public issuance for specific objects. The issue target is no more than 10 specific investors. The issue price is not less than 16.23 yuan / share. 12,100 万股(含 12,100 万股),具体发行数量将提请股东大会授权公司董事会与保荐机构(主承销商)根据实际认购情况协商确定。 The number of non-public offering of shares this time does not exceed 121 million shares (including 121 million shares). The specific number of shares will be submitted to the shareholders' meeting to authorize the company's board of directors and the sponsor (the lead underwriter) to negotiate and determine based on the actual subscription.

WEGU Holding 公司 100% 的股权、中鼎股份汽车后市场“ O2O ”电商服务平台、中鼎股份橡胶制品产能提升项目、中鼎减震减震橡胶制品产能提升项目和补充流动资金。 The funds raised from this issuance will be used to acquire 100% equity of Germany's WEGU Holding , the " O2O " e-commerce service platform of the Zhongding Auto Aftermarket , the Zhongding Rubber Product Capacity Enhancement Project, and the Zhongding Shock Absorption Rubber Product Capacity Upgrade projects and replenish liquidity.

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