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Zhongding Group advances into the top 20 global non-tire rubber products companies
Release time: 2016-08-04 Click times: Times

In the latest list of the world's top 50 non-tire rubber products companies, Zhongding Group ranked 19th and entered the top 20 for the first time.

Since 2011, Zhongding Group has entered the list for five consecutive years, and its ranking has increased every year. In the past two years, with the acceleration of Zhongding Group's overseas expansion, a large number of overseas companies have been included in the Zhongding Group, and Zhongding Group's ranking on the list has also accelerated. In 2014, Zhongding Group was still ranked No. 1 in the list. 36th place. Last year, the actual ranking of Zhongding Group on this list has ranked 29th. This year, it has risen sharply to 19th, which shows that Zhongding Group's development has made rapid progress, and the milestones have grown by leaps and bounds.

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