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Zhongding Group ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in Anhui Province in 2016!
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年,产生了较大的社会影响,受到各方面的广泛重视。 The survey of the operation of the private enterprises on a large scale in Anhui Province and the ranking of the top 100 companies have been conducted for 18 consecutive years, which have had a large social impact and received extensive attention from all quarters. 年度安徽省上规模民营企业经营情况调研及百强排序活动”,按照企业自愿参与原则,经过审核、公示等环节,依据2015年度企业主要经济指标, 927日发布了2016安徽省民营企业营收百强、纳税百强、进出口百强名单。 This year, the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Land Tax Bureau, the Provincial Statistics Bureau, the Provincial Bureau of Industry and Commerce, and the Provincial State Taxation Bureau jointly launched the “ 2015 Annual Survey of Private Enterprises in Large-scale Private Enterprises in Anhui Province and Top 100 Ranking Activities”, In accordance with the principle of voluntary participation of enterprises, after review, publicity, and other links, and in accordance with the main economic indicators of the company for 2015 , a list of the top 100 private enterprises in Anhui in terms of revenue, tax 100, and import and export was released on September 27 .

家民营企业参与百强评选,安徽民营企业营收百强门槛由上年的15.25亿元提高到16.69亿元,增加1.44亿元;纳税百强的入围门槛由上年的5297万元提高到5762万元;进出口百强的入围门槛则由上年的1299万美元提高到1606万美元,同比增长23.63% 。 This year, a total of 615 private enterprises participated in the selection of the top 100. The threshold for the top 100 private enterprises in Anhui ’s revenue increased from 1.525 billion yuan in the previous year to 1.669 billion yuan, an increase of 144 million yuan. The threshold for the top 100 taxpayers was raised from 52.97 million yuan in the previous year. Raised to 57.62 million yuan; the entry threshold for the top 100 import and export increased from 12.99 million US dollars last year to 16.06 million US dollars, an increase of 23.63% .

Zhongding Group was again on the list of top 100 private enterprises in Anhui Province without any suspense, and ranked among the top three. 和第7 ,进出口同比去年上升1个位次,位居榜单 4名! Revenue and taxation were ranked 5th and 7th respectively . Import and export increased by 1 position year-on-year, ranking 4th on the list! In terms of total revenue and total taxes, Zhongding Group also increased significantly.

In recent years, Zhongding Group has closely followed the development of national policies, based on its main business, continuously innovated and expanded, extended the industrial chain, took the lead in transformation and upgrading, and achieved sustainable development. At the same time, it actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and created a high-quality private enterprise brand in Anhui!

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