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Zhongding Group Academician Workstation officially awarded a license
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On December 5th, the first China (Ningguo) Rubber & Plastic Seals Industry Development Summit Forum, co-sponsored by the China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Industry Association and the Ningguo Municipal Government, and hosted by Zhongding Group, was grandly held at the Earl Dynasty Hotel. This summit forum The theme is "Innovation, Intelligence, Sharing." Attending and attending the opening ceremony were Cheng Xiaoxia, Vice Chairman of China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, Wang Yuming, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Leaders of Anhui Provincial and Xuancheng Municipal Directors, and Director of the Standing Committee of Ningguo People's Congress Ye Yun, Chairman of the CPPCC, Rao Peikang, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Government, Deputy Mayor Hou Zhengmao, Deputy Mayor and Director of the Development Zone Management Committee Zhang Yongqiang and other relevant leaders. Xia Yingsong, the general manager of Zhongding Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony of the forum as the chairman of the rubber and plastic seal professional branch of the China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Industry Association.

The forum also invited the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tsinghua University, the Key Laboratory of Rubber, Plastics and Engineering of the Ministry of Education, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Rubber Sealing Products, the School of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, Guangzhou Institute of Mechanical Science, DuPont, etc. Experts and scholars, as well as representatives from various circles of news media, merchants, and representatives of Ningguo Rubber and Plastic Seals Entrepreneurs.

At the opening ceremony, Xia Yingsong was invited to address. In his speech, he said that as the chairman unit of the Rubber and Plastic Seals Professional Branch of the China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Industry Association and the leader in China's rubber and plastic seals industry, in recent years, Zhongding Group has been working on the theme of "innovation · intelligence · sharing" and actively Lead the industry's innovation and upgrade, explore new models of intelligent manufacturing in the industry, and organize exchanges and sharing between enterprises inside and outside the industry. In terms of innovation and upgrading, through the diversification of R & D platforms (academician workstations, overseas R & D centers), industry-university-research cooperation, and the introduction of international advanced technology, it leads the industry's technological progress; through mergers and acquisitions of overseas high-quality companies, implementation of investment in direction, etc., to achieve high-end sealing The products are localized and gradually replace imports to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In terms of communication and sharing, Zhongding Group focuses on communication and sharing with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain. It has led the industry in the gear industry, the bearing industry, and the hydraulic, hydraulic, and pneumatic industries and other industries. Provide technical solutions. 2016 is the opening year of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan". I hope to use this forum as a carrier to promote cooperation and innovation, exchange and sharing, and seek common development, and point out the direction for enterprise development. Zhongding Group hopes to seize the opportunity together with the brother companies in Ningguo City, focus on development, build the core development base of Ningguo City, and contribute to the development of China's rubber and plastic seal industry!

The opening ceremony also held the awarding ceremony of the academician workstation of Zhongding Group. Dai Jingyuan, Director of the Personnel Division of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, granted a license to General Manager Xia Yingsong.

This summit forum is the first time that Zhongding Group has hosted a nationwide sealing industry summit forum. The successful convening of the forum not only strengthened the communication and cooperation in the industry, reflected the special status of Ningguo in the national rubber and plastics parts industry, but also once again highlighted the leading position of Zhongding Group in this field, which cannot be ignored, and the great development of the industry contribution.

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