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Zhongding Microsite | More hot than the weather is Zhongding's manufacturing workshop
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In July, Hefei ushered in the hottest summer, with the scorching sun outdoors and enthusiasm for working indoors. In the first half of 2017, Zhongding Technology continued to make orders.The production workshop was fully engaged in production. The production of multiple items of equipment was carried out in an orderly and orderly manner. The hot atmosphere of the workshop was not less than the weather outside!

According to the person in charge of the project engineering department, the workshop is currently producing and delivering 3 project equipment: production and assembly of an intelligent logistics sorting system project in a cross-border e-commerce center warehouse, and robotic equipment automation in an electronic equipment company. Inventory system project, and intelligent storage system project of a rubber product manufacturing company.

For an intelligent logistics sorting system project of a cross-border e-commerce center warehouse, Zhongding Technology has designed and designed an intelligent logistics system for its logistics warehouse center involving warehousing, sorting, packaging, and handling. The entire process of warehouse inspection, sorting, shelf storage, order sorting, and packaging and shipping will achieve the goal of processing 100,000 orders per day at the logistics center and 1 million pieces at the warehouse.

"The multi-layer and multi-segment intelligent conveying and dividing equipment organically connects two warehouses with a floor space of tens of thousands of square meters. The overall difficulty can be imagined," the workshop staff introduced. Now in production and assembly, we have always been improving and strive to do better for our customers. "

The robotic equipment automation intermediate storage system project provided by Zhongding Technology for an electronic equipment company is equipped with multiple laneway stackers, more than 2,000 pallet storage shelves and RGV and other conveying equipment, and automatically docks with the laneway stackers to help companies Achieve efficient management of storage equipment and item inventory, and improve the degree of automation of enterprise production management and information management.

The intelligent storage system of a rubber product manufacturing company is being packaged and shipped, and will be shipped to the customer's production site in August. This is the second time that Zhongding has provided this customer with an intelligent storage system service. After the first cooperation between the two parties, the benefits of the intelligent storage system have been fully recognized by the customer. The space is efficiently used and the storage capacity is significantly increased. , Quickly and easily realize the sorting mode of goods to people.

"In terms of workshop production, we strictly abide by the working standards, safe production, efficient production, and employees in each position perform their duties. Even if three projects are carried out at the same time, we can complete the work with quality and quantity, so that front-end sales have no worries." The heat and hard work did not reduce everyone's enthusiasm for work. Zhongding's employees always adhered to the production line with full work passion and fulfilled their due diligence. Everyone worked side by side, united and collaborated, and required strict working standards. Timely delivery of orders to meet customer demand!

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