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Tribute to Zhongding people who are sticking to customer sites across the country!
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In the ambush weather, the high temperature continues throughout the country, and the ground is scorching the ground. The ground is like a large "fireplace". Under such a hot and hot weather, the project engineers of Zhongding Technology are still sticking to the customer project sites across the country , Race against time to advance the project implementation progress. Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Liaoning, Xinjiang ... they sweat and rain, and the sweat soaks their placket, but it does not affect the quality of their work at all.

Follow the editors below to see their work style!

Zhongding Technology intelligent logistics production workshop, production staff are working overtime to produce assembly

At the site of a smart warehouse logistics project for a railway equipment manufacturer, Zhongding engineers are paying close attention to the equipment production status

In a new energy company's automated three-dimensional warehouse project site, Zhongding engineers are nervously debugging and running

Zhongding engineers are installing and implementing the automated three-dimensional warehouse project site of an auto parts manufacturing company

Zhongding people working in the front line have worked hard for the implementation of the project. Xiaobian warmly reminded everyone that we must not only adhere to our posts and do our job well, but also pay attention to protect our own body so as to achieve both production and health.

Quality and delivery are the lives of enterprises, and they are the firm backing of Zhongding's quality and delivery! It is precisely because of these lovely Zhongding people, Zhongding Technology will go further and further on the road of first-class intelligent logistics manufacturers.

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