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Hold on to the post and give double festivals to those lovely Zhongding people
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"With one heart, we can learn from the moon in the wind and rain in this project. It is difficult for the two to reunite for the company to pass on the mooncakes for the family." This is an impromptu poem sent by a Zhongding project engineer during the Mid-Autumn Festival. He devotes his insistence on his post, his responsibility to his work, and his deep thoughts to his loved ones in the lines.

National Day also meets the mid-autumn moon, and it is the expectation of returning home that is stranded on the yellow earth. The moonlit night of the Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a happy harvest night, but also a happy family night. However, because of work, there are so many people who can only send their thoughts through Mingyue Yao in a distant country.

They are Zhongding people stationed in various parts of the country, Guangdong, Liaoning, Xinjiang, Anhui ... For a common cause, for the timely delivery of projects, to provide timely and quality services to customers, they adhere to their work positions, give up vacations, sacrifices and When the loved ones were reunited, the Zhongding spirit of “dedication, love, responsibility, and loyalty” was translated into practical actions. They are the cutest people, dear and respectable. Here, I also pay tribute to all those who stick to their posts during the vacation, and send a holiday greeting to Zhongding—Qingjia period, Ruiguang is old, and the end of the world is at this time; In good times, I wish to have Mid-Autumn Festival every year!

Eleven working photos of the project site

Eleven working photos of the project site

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