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Zhongding Technology's October Hot Broadcast
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中鼎科技新入职员工培训 10.9 Training for newly recruited employees of Zhongding Technology

Due to the needs of the company and the company's development, a group of new employees in various positions joined the Zhongding Technology family, injecting a batch of fresh blood into Zhongding Technology. 月9日中鼎科技进行了新员工入职培训。 In order to show the company's sincerity and enthusiasm, let new employees have a sense of belonging at home, and integrate into the company as soon as possible, on October 9th Zhongding Technology conducted new employee induction training.

The training mainly includes the development of the company, corporate culture, business processes, management systems, major products and safety measures. Through effective training, on the one hand, the ability, knowledge, and skills of new employees can be improved to quickly adapt to the needs of the job; on the other hand, it can help new employees realize the importance of self-development, be familiar with, adapt to the organizational environment, and begin preliminary planning Your own career, positioning your role, and exerting your talents.

安全生产标准化培训 10.13 Safety Production Standardization Training

13日中鼎科技举办了一场安全生产标准化培训。 Based on the concept of people-oriented and safe development, Zhongding Technology held a training on safety production standardization on October 13 . All employees of the training company participated actively. Safety production experts explained the contents of safety production standardization in detail. Everyone has significantly improved their restraints on safety behaviors and safety skills. Through this training, the company will vigorously promote the standardization of production safety in enterprises, further strengthen the standardized management of production safety in enterprises, and implement all-person, all-round, and entire-process safety management.

质量管理体系标准及内审员培训 10.16 Quality Management System Standards and Internal Auditor Training

16日中鼎科技开展了一场为期两天的质量管理体系标准及内审员培训。 On October 16, Zhongding Technology carried out a two-day quality management system standard and internal auditor training. : 2015版质量管理体系要求的主要变化,并对其中的条款进行了分析讲解。 The training content mainly includes the main changes to the requirements of the ISO 9001 : 2015 version of the quality management system, and analyzes and explains the terms. For the review and implementation of the system, the lecturer combined theory with practice to vividly convey the main points to everyone.

The training is mainly to provide appropriate training to the staff of the company who are involved in product requirements to obtain or maintain the competence required to perform the job. Secondly, it can also improve the capabilities of the company's personnel, thereby enabling the company to improve its quality management system. , Products and processes, and customer satisfaction.

中鼎科技校园招聘走进安徽大学 10.27 Recruitment of Zhongding Technology Campus into Anhui University

年校园招聘正式开启,为公司持续的发展储蓄后备力量。 Zhongding Technology officially opened its campus recruitment in 2018 , saving the reserve force for the company's sustainable development. The first stop was in Anhui University. The competitive development platform attracted many students, and the students' mood was high. The school recruitment team introduced in detail the development of Zhongding Technology, corporate culture, talent standards and development prospects, so that more outstanding college graduates can deepen their understanding and knowledge of Zhongding Technology, and have the opportunity to become Zhongding Technology. People, hand in hand with Zhongding Technology, develop together and grow together.

年校招正在进行中,敬请关注! Zhongding Technology's 2018 school recruitment is underway, so stay tuned!

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