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Welcomes National Day | Zhongding Technology congratulates the great motherland on its 69th birthday
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Beautiful day, blue sky, turquoise ground, sweet-scented osmanthus; beautiful rivers, good harvest, hundreds of birdsong, beautiful homes. 盛世华诞,经过 69 年风雨兼程的励精图治,中华儿女正享受着从未有过的太平盛世,中国这个伟大的国家正以崭新的面貌向世界展示着迷人的风采。 In this beautiful golden autumn in October, we ushered in the 69th birthday of the great motherland . After 69 years of ups and downs, the Chinese children are enjoying the peace he has never had before. The great country of China is taking a brand-new The face shows the charming style to the world.

At present, a new round of China's scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is germinating. Revitalizing the real economy, building a manufacturing power, and improving the level of manufacturing intelligence are becoming important national strategies in the next few years. Driven by the wind of national policy, Zhongding Technology has been deeply developing in the field of intelligent logistics industry, and its technical level and performance have made great progress. In the good days of celebrating the whole country, thank you for witnessing the growth of Zhongding Technology all the way and always accompanying Zhongding Technology People from all walks of life, new and old customers, partners and all employees, it is precisely because of your support that Zhongding Technology can go further and further on the path of vigorous development.

Here, Zhongding Science and Technology wishes the great motherland a prosperous and prosperous, and wishes the people all over the country a happy National Day!

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