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Good news | Zhongding Technology achieved significant results in its IP work in 2018
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Innovation drives development. Innovation is the lifeblood of an enterprise. As a science and technology enterprise, Zhongding Technology has always regarded science and technology innovation as one of the company's most important tasks. Products and services adapted to customer needs.

2018 年实现井喷式效应,分别于 4 月份、 6 月份、 7 月份获得了共计 5 项发明专利授权,分别是:一种自动调节异形包装分拣机、一种可微调平衡的堆垛机载货台、一种快速自动存取货物的堆垛机、一种往复伸缩式机构、一种自动调节宽度机构(授权通知书);同时还获得了 9 项实用新型专利授权,这丰硕的成果使中鼎科技在专利拥有量上实现质、量的双飞跃。 At the same time, the company attaches importance to R & D achievements and intellectual property protection. Since the beginning of the establishment of each R & D project, the company has reported the R & D achievements to the State Intellectual Property Office item by item, and realized the blowout effect in 2018 . In June and July , a total of 5 invention patents were granted, namely: an automatic adjustment of special-shaped packaging sorting machine, a fine-adjustable balancer loading platform, and a fast and automatic storage of goods. Machine, a reciprocating telescoping mechanism, an automatic width adjustment mechanism (authorization notice); also obtained 9 utility model patents, this fruitful result enables Zhongding Technology to achieve qualitative and quantitative patent ownership Double Leap.

5 项发明专利、 9 项实用新型专利均为中鼎科技智能物流产品体系内,核心硬件设备的关键技术点,是公司在智能物流行业领域市场竞争力提升的重要体现,是公司实施战略转型成功的标志,是公司拥有核心竞争力的象征。 The 5 invention patents and 9 utility model patents are all key technical points of core hardware and equipment in the intelligent logistics product system of Zhongding Technology. They are an important reflection of the company's market competitiveness improvement in the field of intelligent logistics industry and a strategic transformation of the company's implementation. The symbol of success is a symbol of the company's core competitiveness.

2018 is a year of tackling Zhongding Technology. The major achievements of intellectual property work in the first three quarters are the embodiment of the advanced technology, economic benefits and value of our products. While achieving good results in business performance, the technical strength The significant improvement and strong independent innovation ability will add wings to the company's subsequent development.

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