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New breakthrough | Zhongding Technology Intelligent Logistics Project goes abroad
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      Recently, Zhongding Technology has achieved a new breakthrough in its business scope. It has built a smart three-dimensional storage system for a well-known tire manufacturer in its Thai factory. It solves the contradiction between supply and demand at the production site and inventory, and realizes automatic storage and inventory of the materials needed for production. Function of state management.

Project Overview

The technical staff of the Zhongding Technology project team has already visited the customer's factory in advance to conduct field investigations at the customer's production site, collect, summarize, sort, and analyze the customer's storage status and material management needs, combined with the factory's development planning ideas, fully Based on the existing site, functional zones, facilities and equipment to carry out design layout, and through logistics simulation, a new automated three-dimensional intelligent storage system was designed and designed for customers. This project is a typical line-side warehouse, which involves the construction of 4 sets of intelligent three-dimensional warehouses. The three-dimensional storage of the trolleys used for the production line production, the three-dimensional storage of some empty trolleys and the forming and returning trolleys, realize the automatic storage of the trolleys and Function of management of inventory status.

Value effect

  • Plan the line-side warehouse model to respond quickly to production needs and ensure the efficiency of production operations;
  • Plan the five-story three-dimensional warehouse cargo space, change the original single-story storage form of the original material, and increase the storage space by five times;
  • The entire process is automated storage, materials are first in, first out, instead of manual labor to achieve high-efficiency out of storage, to prevent the backlog of sluggish inventory;
  • Plan to reserve software and hardware interfaces for future upgrade to AGV handling mode to achieve the value-added goal of user logistics system;
  • Application of modern warehouse management and production scheduling systems (WMS, WCS);
  • Help customers to fully realize the intelligent, automated and information-based management and control of warehousing and logistics;

Zhongding Technology has been deeply cultivating the domestic market for a long time, and has provided thousands of users with intelligent logistics solutions that are suitable for customer needs. The intelligent logistics project of the Thai factory under construction this time is another overseas project undertaken by Zhongding Technology to achieve business. New breakthrough in scope. This project puts forward new requirements and new challenges for the company's marketing system, technical team, and project implementation team. Taking this opportunity, the company's internal system makes adaptive adjustments to respond to foreign projects and lays a solid foundation for later expansion of the international market.

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