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The Internet or the disappearance of smart gateways to help the rise of the Internet of Things
Release time: 2015-10-25 Clicks: Times

"Internet +" At the time of China's rapid rise, the Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland issued a death sentence. Eric Schmidt, chairman of the Internet giant Google, made a bold and self-disruptive prediction at the forum: the Internet will soon disappear, the Internet of Things will be born, and a highly personalized, interactive and interesting world will be presented.


The Internet is about to disappear and the Internet of Things is on the rise

According to the US market research company Gartner predicts that by 2020, the Internet of Things will bring a profit of US $ 30 billion per year to the market, and there will be 2.5 billion smart devices connected to the Internet of Things, and the growth rate will not slow down. Such a large market potential will bring huge growth momentum to technology companies, and at the same time, competition will become extremely fierce.

"IP addresses, sensors, smart wearables, and some smart devices that you don't feel but exist objectively will be more and more, they are always around you and can interact with them at any time." Schmidt in the forum Analysis at the meeting, "When you walk into the room, all kinds of things or equipment in the room will become active under your 'calling', interaction will become easier, and life will be under your control."


The intelligent gateway will make every effort to match the formation of the Internet of Things, and provide support for the infrastructure and interconnection of various devices. The world will become extremely personal, interesting, and convenient. Such changes will undoubtedly be a big cake for technology companies. Such demand will also lead to the birth of a completely open and huge market.

What exactly is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is to use sensing equipment such as radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners, etc. to connect possible items to the Internet through agreed protocols, so as to achieve information exchange, data forwarding and communication, and further A network that completes the intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of items.

In simple terms, the Internet of Things is the expansion of the Internet. It is a huge network that is connected between the network and the network. The English abbreviation is TheInternet of things, which is the network where things are connected. The foundation and core is still the Internet. Through communication technology, sensors, controllers, format devices, or simply people and things are connected in new ways to form a connection between people and things, things and things. Interoperability.


With the continuous development of big data and computing, intra-industry integration has become one of the future development trends, and the Internet of Things, which has a strong demand for cloud computing and physical segment-related sensing equipment, has also rapidly fermented, providing its practical applications and development may.

IoT will accommodate larger platforms

From the beginning, the Internet has maintained the main theme of "subversion". For more than two decades, it has solved various problems such as information sharing and interaction, and has quickly overturned traditional business models, so that content and services have gradually received attention.

But no matter how it develops, the Internet is always part of the Internet of Things, and it's mainly in IT services. With its "connect everything" feature, the Internet of Things will quickly implement the "connection" that cannot be completed by the Internet. A variety of hardware devices and various application scenarios will be included in the Internet of Things camp.

At the same time, the Internet of Things will better integrate deeper content and services, more differentiated applications, and it will also be more humane, more personalized, and unswervingly pursue a good user experience.

High-tech companies scramble for layout

At the previous International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with the introduction of smart home, digital medical, and connected car products, the Internet of Things technology has gradually been implemented to meet the needs of life. The Internet of Things is no longer a development trend, but is emerging and becoming a reality.

YoonBoo-keun, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics, mentioned in a CES speech that the Internet of Things should be regarded as Samsung's key business and development direction. He also revealed the timetable for Samsung's technical support for the Internet of Things: By 2017, all Samsung TVs will become IoT devices; all Samsung hardware devices will support the Internet of Things within five years.


The chip giant Qualcomm, which coincided with Samsung, also revealed its IoT layout at CES. Qualcomm President Derek Aberle proposed at CES that Qualcomm will use smartphones as the fulcrum to expand the fields of connected cars, medical care, and wearable devices, and has launched digital glasses and children to more than 30 countries around the world 15 IoT devices such as trackers and smart watches.

In the tide of the development of the Internet of Things, the manufacturing giants are also unwilling to fall behind. General Electric announced an alliance with a number of technology giants to establish an IoT alliance to seek support for its Predix platform. Intel and the city of San Jose are using Intel's strengths to further advance the city's "GreenVision" program.

The old high-end smart wireless routing manufacturer JCG also announced the development plan of the Internet of Things. The smart gateway hacker H1 and the upcoming hacker H3, which were launched earlier, point directly at the Internet of Things market. Guest H1 or Hacker H3 are connected with smart devices in various fields, such as smart home equipment, smart wearable devices, and car networking, so as to achieve the interconnection and cross-border interaction of smart devices in various fields.


It is reported that the hacker H3 not only has the powerful functions of a smart home hub, but also has powerful home entertainment functions, massive film and television resources, rich HD TV live programs, 4K hard decoding, 3D playback and full support of H.265. Create a cultural life with the highest degree of freedom and clarity for home users; TV games are directly installed, mobile games have no delayed mirror projection, and multi-screen interaction and remote on-screen functions for both home and business can provide users with the fastest and interactive Extremely entertaining family living room entertainment. Powerful entertainment functions and a good home entertainment experience make the smart gateway more affinity. Perhaps this will become the key to the rapid popularization of the smart gateway, and indirectly it may catalyze the full arrival of the Internet of Things era.

Regardless of which direction the future world is headed for, Internet upgrades are inevitable. People-to-things, things-to-things interconnection and information interaction will also follow up quickly, and the era of the Internet of Things will quickly become a reality. "Connecting everything" will gradually become a reality. Cross-border intelligent hardware devices, rich and diverse application scenarios, and personalized entertainment experiences will gradually come to life with the development of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is already by your side.

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