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Beginning next year, all medicines are marked with a unique "ID"
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It is understood that the electronic drug supervision by attaching a unique identification code to the drug, that is, the electronic drug supervision code, achieves the purpose of real-time monitoring of the drug flow and effectively prevents counterfeit and inferior drugs from entering the market. Strict "effective technical means.


2016 1 1 日起,全部赋码的药品制剂品种必须通过中国药品电子监管网核注核销,没有电子身份证的制剂药将不允许出厂,更不能上市。 It is reported that starting from January 1 , 2016, all coded drug preparations must be verified and written off through the China Pharmaceutical Electronic Regulatory Network. Preparations without electronic ID cards will not be allowed to leave the factory, and will not be marketed.


So what does a drug "ID" look like? Recently, the reporter visited a drug retail enterprise in the urban area that joined the China Drug Electronics Supervision Network. 20 位数字编码组成,和普通的商品条形码类似,不过,在条形码旁边有“中国药品电子监管码”字样,这就是电子监管码,也是每盒药的“身份证”。 The reporter saw a bar code at the bottom of the newly produced pill box, consisting of a 20 -digit code, which is similar to a common product bar code. However, there is the word "China Drug Electronic Regulatory Code" next to the bar code. This is the electronic regulatory code. "ID" for each box of medicine. No matter where you go, just swipe the "ID" to know all the logistics information of this box of medicines. "Through this platform, you can inquire about the production, operation, inventory, and flow of each box, each box, and each batch of drugs in real time, effectively preventing counterfeit and inferior drugs from entering the market." Staff from the Food and Drug Administration of Decheng District introduced. He reminded the public that in the future, when buying medicines, they can go to the website of China Pharmaceutical Electronic Regulatory Network to retrieve drug information and identify authenticity.



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