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Shi Jing: Can the milk powder traceability system save domestic milk powder?
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It is very urgent to regain the confidence of Chinese people in domestic milk powder, regardless of national health and safety or industrial structure. As China ’s milk powder market has been flooded with various variables for a long period of time, the exposure of a series of “poisoned milk powder” incidents has also wiped out the reputation of “National Powder”. At this stage, it is still some that occupy China ’s milk powder market. Well-known "foreign powder". Milk powder has special characteristics as a food. The special consumer groups it mainly targets include infants and the elderly. They are less resistant to food hazards and are more vulnerable than adults. Therefore, the harm caused by milk powder products It is often more direct and serious than other substandard foods. Needless to say, the health of infants and young children as a country will have a lasting and profound impact on our country. Without considering the quality, Guofen is more controllable than foreign powder in the regulatory level. It is no exaggeration to say that whoever occupies the high ground of the milk powder market will win the nuclear button that determines the health level of a country. . However, in reality, due to consumers' excessive and even blind trust in "foreign powder", they actually made the mistake of "determining the quality of a product by country", and there was a lot of fake adulteration.


In fact, in recent years, some domestic dairy companies have made great efforts in the production and sales of products. The State Food and Drug Administration has increased the supervision and inspection of food fraud and adulteration. In the newly issued " In the Food Safety Law, the checks on milk powder products are unprecedented in intensity and breadth. However, the reputation of "Guo Fan" has been damaged too much, and I am afraid that it will take some time to digest the bitter results of "unreturnable". In this case, the emergence of a traceability system is not only necessary but also timely.


The electronic traceability system has greatly increased the area of traditional milk powder supervision and achieved a leap from “point supervision” to “chain supervision”. In the past, because there was no unified platform to fuse the information on different aspects of production and sales in one furnace, the work of the Food and Drug Administration took a lot of time. Now, with the shortening of the regulatory cycle, the density and intensity of supervision have greatly increased. . At the same time, the information is presented in the search terminal in a "chain reaction" structure. Consumers can also consult and refer to this information. Consumers have been passively "slaughtered" to actively screened. This is the biggest highlight of the traceability system. Through the active use of the traceability system by consumers, not only their rights to information are guaranteed, but more importantly, once food infringements occur, consumers and administrative and judicial authorities can find responsible parties in a gradual way, and the protection of rights is more guaranteed. .


The traceability system is a product of the Internet economy era. It continues to be promoted and operated. In addition to protecting the rights and interests of consumers, it can also accelerate the structural optimization of China's milk powder industry to a certain extent. The national fan's reputation is not good, after all, because many products have discounted too much on quality. Many consumers trust foreign noodles, including more stringent foreign food testing standards, and in the final analysis they still trust the "quality assurance" behind foreign noodles. In order to win the battle, Guofen must first pass the quality barrier. At the current stage, it is inevitable to speed up the screening of manufacturers and sellers with different products. As the traceability system changes the consumer's "passive, guided" consumption habits, product screening will be less random and more rigorous. The presentation of "chain-type" information also inevitably drives the information to be "chain-type" selected and discarded. The cooperative relationship between manufacturers and merchants will inevitably be reorganized. The rapid process of information elimination will steadily promote the upgrading of the industry.


In a short period of time, the milk powder traceability system may not be able to fundamentally boost Guofen (regardless of the geographical limitations of its implementation), but behind the groundbreaking exploration and efforts of national departments behind the construction of the information platform, dairy manufacturers in order to improve their product quality, Actively cooperating with the government's attitude, it will “chronically” and steadily restore a group of consumers. 政府和商家首需做的是如何确保该系统信息的“纯洁”,如何确保信息不被商业操作所污染、不为权钱交易所污名,如何捍卫信息作为政府公信力的象征所具有的独立性和权威性,将是追溯系统继续存在和实现进一步推广的核心议题,也是消费者最终选择“信任”还是“怀疑”的根本依据。 If the traceability platform can really speed up the process, then what governments and businesses need to do first is how to ensure that the system's information is "pure", how to ensure that the information is not polluted by commercial operations, and not stigmatized by the rights and money exchange. How to defend the independence and authority of information as a symbol of government credibility will be the core issue of the continued existence and further promotion of the traceability system, and the fundamental basis for consumers to finally choose "trust" or "doubt".


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