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Is the veterinary drug tracking system really amazing?
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Veterinary medicine is a necessary product for the development of aquaculture, and it is related to the quality and safety of livestock and poultry products and public health and safety. For a long time, China's supervision of veterinary drugs has never been relaxed, but some illegal and illegal activities involving veterinary drugs are still banned. Therefore, the construction of veterinary medicine traceability system was launched at this key node and required full promotion.

2 月,农业部为加强对兽药的安全监管,选取了 16 家企业为首批试点单位,进行兽药追溯试点工作;同年 8 月,试点企业增加到了 92 家。 In February 2014, in order to strengthen the safety supervision of veterinary drugs, the Ministry of Agriculture selected 16 enterprises as the first batch of pilot units for retrospective testing of veterinary drugs ; in August of the same year , the number of pilot enterprises increased to 92 . 1 月,农业部发布第 2210 号公告,提出要在 2016 年实现所有兽药产品二维码可追溯。 In January of this year , the Ministry of Agriculture issued Announcement No. 2210 , which proposed that the two-dimensional code traceability of all veterinary drug products should be implemented in 2016 . It can be seen that the establishment of the traceability system for veterinary drugs has risen to the national level and reached a critical juncture that has to be broken.

Maybe someone asks, is the veterinary drug traceability system really so amazing? From the perspective of existing equipment and facilities, by scanning the unique QR code of the traceable system configuration, the basic information of the veterinary drug product and the manufacturing enterprise can be easily inquired, and the information is unique. If the label does not match, the drug can be determined to be counterfeit or OEM.

Supervisory departments can use the veterinary drug traceability system to severely crack down on counterfeiting, sale, and abuse of veterinary drugs; farms (households) can use the veterinary drug traceability system to verify the authenticity of drugs. If a drug is harmed during the breeding process, they can The two-dimensional code finds the manufacturer, and determines the liability and claims. The manufacturer can use the veterinary drug traceability system to prevent other illegal elements from counterfeiting the company's products, and to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests and a good corporate image.

Since the establishment of a veterinary drug traceability system can benefit many parties, such as regulatory authorities, farms (households), and manufacturing enterprises, it is even more important to work hard to carry out this work.


The first is to increase the publicity of the veterinary drug traceability system. Through objective publicity, improve the awareness and support of the veterinary drug traceability system from all walks of life, and promote the formation of independent consciousness such as the manufacture and sale of traceable veterinary drugs by producers and the purchase of traceable veterinary drugs by farms (households).

The second is to increase support and subsidies for the establishment of a veterinary drug traceability system. Encourage starting from the source to strengthen the effective connection of research and development, production, packaging, distribution, technical services, emergency warning and other links to form a traceable chain of veterinary drugs with clear powers and responsibilities.

The third is to make good use of legal weapons. Through supervision, warning and punishment in accordance with the law, we will resolutely crack down on counterfeiting and selling fake products, abuse of veterinary drugs, etc., and improve industry self-discipline and practitioners' integrity.

The fourth is to improve the information and detection platform. Establish a comprehensive national online veterinary drug traceability database to facilitate people to inquire and monitor the safety of veterinary drugs anytime, anywhere.


In short, the establishment of a unified national veterinary drug traceability system and the realization of traceable management of the entire industry chain of veterinary drug products is a necessary and innovative move to further improve the quality and safety of livestock and poultry products. Only in this way can we achieve the goals of "source traceability, process control, flow traceability, accountability, and quality assurance".


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