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The Internet of Things penetrates into every aspect of life, and embedded development ushers in opportunities
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Internet of Things sees opportunities in embedded development

Embedded applications

In terms of the current Chinese market, IT technology has entered a high-speed development stage, and the Internet has entered the technological era of the Internet of Things. If it is said that a large number of devices on the Internet mainly appear in the form of general-purpose computers, the purpose of the Internet of Things is to make all items more intelligent, and to connect these smart items together through the network, it can be said that embedded Development technology is most widely used in the field of Internet of Things.

Simply put, the Internet of Things is the information transfer and control between things and things, people and things. There are three key technologies in IoT applications.

1. Sensor technology, which is also a key technology in computer applications. So far, most computers have processed digital signals. Since the computer has been in use, sensors need to convert analog signals into digital signals.

2. RFID tag is also a sensor technology. RFID technology is a comprehensive technology that integrates radio frequency technology and embedded technology. RFID has broad application prospects in automatic identification and item logistics management.

3. Embedded system technology is a complex technology that integrates computer software and hardware, sensor technology, integrated circuit technology, and electronic application technology. After decades of evolution, smart terminal products featuring embedded systems can be found everywhere, ranging from smartphones around people to satellite systems for aerospace. Embedded systems are changing people's lives and driving the development of industrial production and the defense industry.

If the Internet of Things is a simple metaphor for the human body, the sensors are equivalent to human senses such as eyes, nose, skin, etc. The network is the nervous system used to transmit information, and the embedded system is the human brain. After receiving the information, it is classified deal with. This example vividly describes the position and role of sensors and embedded systems in the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things has penetrated into every aspect of people's lives

Ji Jiufeng, President of Huaqing Yuanjian Education Group, said that in recent years, with the increasing popularity of smart hardware products, major companies have also joined the wave of smart product development, such as Ali ’s establishment of the Smart Living Division, Tencent Launched the TOS open platform, Baidu launched the BaiduInside plan, and in addition, JD, Xiaomi, 360 and other companies' smart hardware-related businesses are also constantly improving. From the popularity of wearable devices to drones to the development of unmanned cars, it can be said that the development of embedded technology has ushered in a new climax. At present, the demand for embedded development talents on the market is very hot. Huaqing Yuanjian has focused on embedded training for more than ten years and has witnessed the development of the embedded development industry. More and more people enter this industry by participating in training. Every year, tens of thousands of embedded developers step out of Huaqing Vision. With professional and solid technology, they have been praised by many enterprises.

The hot "smart hardware" is a combination of mobile Internet and traditional manufacturing. At present, applications are mainly concentrated in four categories: smart home, wearable devices, medical and health, and car networking. For this market, in addition to the big names, Internet entrepreneurs are even more eager. A large number of makers have emerged, many entrepreneurial incubation bases have been established, and coupled with the favorable policies, it is foreseeable that the future of embedded development will be bright, and future life will become more and more intelligent.


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