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Intelligent tobacco sorting center of a tobacco company
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An intelligent sorting and logistics center project of a tobacco company in Liaoning is a one-stop intelligent logistics system solution designed and provided by Hefei Zhongding according to the demand characteristics of a cigarette logistics center with annual sales of 100,000 boxes.

In the early stage of project design, the two parties summarized and analyzed the company's data over the years to meet future planning needs, and conducted simulation tests. After several rounds of discussions, the project finally determined the details of all intelligent logistics system solutions.

Integrated storage and real-time supply

Driven by the management system, the cigarette distribution process starts with the removal of the supply of cigarettes. The project applies an advanced design concept of integrated storage and distribution to achieve a seamless connection between the sorting of cigarettes and the supply of cigarettes. The integrated storage and distribution plan of this project adopts multi-layer gravity fluent shelves. After the entire stack of cigarettes is removed from the rack, it is automatically destacked by a robotic arm. With the help of intelligent conveying systems and high-speed stackers, orderly dense storage and supply targets are achieved. This solution fundamentally solves the problems of low accuracy of previous cigarette supply, many process links, slow response, and high labor intensity.

In addition, this solution adopts the entire replenishment of the cigarette sorting system, and the integrated storage and distribution model of zero cigarettes, and the redundant distribution method of the sorting bins realizes 100% automatic replenishment of the sorting line. Goods index.

In the supply of integrated cigarettes, the high-speed stacker takes out the cigarettes in order and transfers them to the intelligent conveying system. The barcode correcting system automatically recognizes and checks the correctness of the supply of cigarettes. Docking to realize real-time interaction of cigarette out-of-warehouse information.

After the code is scanned, the cigarettes are sent from the intelligent conveyor line to the automatic unpacking machine for unpacking operations. The unpacked cigarettes are delivered to the bins in the replenishment circulation conveyor line. With the intelligent transfer of the replenishment system, All the cigarettes will be accurately and timely delivered to the established smoke bins for automatic replenishment according to supply and demand.

Automatic replenishment, reduction of personnel and efficiency

According to the characteristics of cigarette orders, this solution matches two types of sorting equipment for combined application, namely a full five-channel machine and an F-type sorting machine.

The replenishment of the entire five-channel machine is to automatically refill the cigarettes in the material box into the smoke bin through the smoke pushing device;

The replenishment of the F-type sorting machine is to push the pieces of cigarettes in the box to the automatic elevator through the smoke pushing device, and then transfer from the elevator to the RGV replenishment truck. Finally, the RGV replenishment truck will replenish the cigarettes Smokestack.

The empty material box that has completed the replenishment transfer task is returned to the unpacker to take on the next round of tasks by means of the replenishment circulation conveyor line. The empty cardboard boxes generated after unpacking will be sent to the empty box recycling station, which is convenient for the staff to collect them centrally.

Intelligent analysis, automatic sorting

In the automatic sorting process, this solution applies advanced two-tier and two-level process strategies. With the help of an intelligent order management system, it intelligently analyzes and optimizes the processing of customer orders to achieve the operation goal of multi-level and multi-level parallel operation of orders in the same household. After the cigarettes sorted by the upper and lower sub-lines are processed by two-stage pressing, the combining operation is performed at the combining conveyor, which effectively guarantees the efficient continuous operation of 15,000 sorting operations per hour.

In the binding process, the laser coding machine will automatically code the cigarettes after the binding, and the coding information is docked with the No. 1 project. After the coding is completed, the cigarettes are transported to the high-speed packaging machine through the conveyor line for automatic stacking and For heat shrinkable film packaging. Automatic labeling machines will automatically label them online. Finally, according to the prompt of the information system, the consignor will stack the pallets in the order according to the distribution order, and send the cages to the designated delivery temporary storage area according to the distribution line, and then load and distribute.

This intelligent logistics solution has the following characteristics:

1) Reasonable design and space saving (planning measures are adapted to local conditions, storage and integration are integrated, and sorting equipment systems are densely designed);

2) High degree of automation, from the integration of storage and packaging to packaging and shipping links to achieve automated operations.

3) Informatization of the entire operation, including automatic import of orders, automatic analysis, automatic scheduling, automatic execution, automatic perception, automatic warning, etc. Achieve highly informatized management of sorting operations.

4) Accurate, stable and efficient operation (closed-loop processing of the operation process, reasonable and comprehensive fault tolerance mechanism, innovative application of equipment systems, and average daily processing of 100,000 cigarettes)

5) Integrated management and one-stop integrated services (automatic progress tracking, real-time status feedback, seamless connection between upper and lower systems, and one-stop solution to match all the pain points of demand)

With the implementation of this program, the tobacco company's storage and picking automation and informationization have been realized, and it has become a benchmark project of China-made 2025 for cigarette sorting and distribution related projects, further promoting the company's logistics center operation system Extension and perfection of breadth!

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