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Intelligent logistics management system of an automobile parts manufacturing company
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An automobile component manufacturing company in Anhui is a Sino-German joint venture that mainly manufactures car door hinges, door stoppers, front and rear cover hinges, parking brakes and other products. 国内客户主要是上海大众、上海通用、一汽集团、一汽大众、二汽神龙、芜湖奇瑞等,国外客户主要是日本丰田、尼桑和法国雪铁龙等。 Its domestic customers are mainly Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, FAW Group, FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Shenlong, Wuhu Chery, etc., and its foreign customers are mainly Japan's Toyota, Nissan and French Citroen.

Due to site constraints, product technology and other factors, the company's production model is a typical discrete production enterprise model. In order to improve its own management level, and also to meet the domestic host manufacturers' assessment of parts suppliers, etc., Zhongding Technology based on the company's own large number of warehouses, large material distribution needs, multiple production nodes, etc. Communication and planning of a new overall supply chain management model. The project successfully launched the Zhongding Intelligent Logistics Management System. By building the company's supplier barcode module, digital warehouse management module, product logistics tracking management module, and intelligent logistics management platform. The system successfully linked the company's supply, production, and sales effectively, not only realizing its rapid improvement of the management level of the warehouse, production and supply, etc., but also establishing a two-way traceability system of the company's product quality, which met the major The requirements of the supplier audit system of the host manufacturer. Through the docking of data with Kingdee K3 system, the project realized effective docking of logistics, information flow and capital flow, realized the unification of enterprise logistics data, and effectively guided the efficient and fast operation of enterprise procurement, production, and sales.

The company's logistics director said: I have always thought that our old factories and old warehouse facilities are old, the quality of personnel is not high, and the management can't go up the stairs. However, by launching the Zhongding Intelligent Logistics System, not only did we solve the audit requirements of the OEM for us, the greater gain was that we resolved our dependence on high-quality employees, and solved multi-warehouse management, material distribution, etc. problem. With this system, I no longer have to run around the workshop and warehouse every day.

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