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Intelligent logistics solution for a kitchen cabinet manufacturing enterprise
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A cabinet manufacturing company is a well-known cabinet manufacturing base in China. It is a professional cabinet company integrating product development, production and sales, and is a leader in China's kitchen cabinet industry. 全国拥有1000多家直营加盟店,并且拥有天猫、京东等多家网络电商。 It has more than 1,000 directly-operated franchise stores across the country, as well as many online e-commerce companies such as Tmall and Jingdong. With the rapid development of the cabinet company, customer customization needs have grown rapidly. Multi-order, small-batch production and operation models, logistics issues such as warehousing management, delivery management and control, container management, and multi-depot management have become increasingly prominent.

In 2014, the company cooperated with Zhongding Technology. Zhongding Technology provided intelligent logistics solutions for it, including the planning and design of a new logistics warehousing center, warehousing logistics business planning, warehouse management system, shipping management, raw material management, and production tracking , Oracle ERP interface, e-commerce software interface and other modules.

With the successful application of the intelligent logistics system, the cabinet company has made new changes.

Management model change

From the experience-oriented product-centric operation management mode to the process-oriented location-centric operation management mode. The reliance on personnel experience has been significantly reduced, which has reduced the company's employment costs.

Improve efficiency

By deploying WMS based on wireless RF technology, real-time scheduling of on-site operations tasks is achieved, and the application efficiency of personnel is improved through the application of various operation strategies.

Improve accuracy

Through the barcode of products, storage locations, documents, and operation containers, the entire barcode operation process of the logistics center has been established, and the inventory accuracy rate (close to 100%) has been significantly improved.

Improve employee performance

Record the complete history of product receipt, quality inspection, shelves, picking, packing, shipping, replenishment, relocation, inventory and other operations. Establish a complete record of personnel performance and achieve accurate personnel performance assessment.

Ensure smooth operation

Through the rational planning of operations such as receiving, placing, picking, replenishing, and shipping, and strictly managing the FCL area and the demolition area through WMS, the smooth operation of the logistics center is guaranteed.

Promote supply chain collaboration

Through the real-time inventory and status information provided by the intelligent logistics system, companies can share inventory information with upstream and downstream business partners to achieve closer business collaboration.

"Zhongding's intelligent logistics system not only effectively compensates for the shortcomings of Oracle ERP in the specific implementation level, but also provides us with a new logistics information management model that enables us to adapt to different business models, whether traditional stores or engineering. Factory orders, or e-commerce orders, we can quickly and accurately deliver products to customers. "(Director of the company's information center)

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