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One-stop solution for intelligent logistics system of a pharmaceutical distribution company
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The main business scope of a pharmaceutical distribution company in Hefei is proprietary Chinese medicines, Chinese medicinal materials, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, chemical pharmaceutical preparations, chemical raw materials, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, wholesale of biological products, biotechnology, drug research and development, technology development and transfer, technical consulting and Services, etc., are economically leading enterprises in the pharmaceutical distribution industry in Anhui Province. They have established an efficient sales network throughout the country, and the sales rate of drugs sold in second-level and above hospitals nationwide has exceeded 60%.

In order to continue to increase production costs, profit control prices continue to be lowered. In order to comprehensively improve the company's work efficiency, accuracy, service efficiency and other indicators in the process of drug acceptance, storage, sorting, and distribution, etc., to meet the needs of the medical GSP certification, and promote its overall construction of informationization and automation goals, after several rounds After selection, the pharmaceutical distribution company finally chose Zhongding Technology to provide it with intelligent logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Zhongding Technology collects, summarizes, organizes and analyzes the company's daily collection and delivery, picking, warehousing, manpower, resource allocation and other systems, and through logistics simulation, designs a one-stop solution for customers with intelligent logistics systems. The contents of the program construction include: warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse execution control system (WCS), RF handheld terminal system, electronic tag assisted picking system (DPS), intelligent conveying and picking system (patch picking + empty box return + dismantling and restocking + Whole goods out warehouse + whole zero outflow warehouse sorting), automatic storage three-dimensional warehouse system (AS / RS), temperature and humidity monitoring system, and corresponding interface system.

The plan starts from the process flow planning and design, and through data demonstration and simulation, determines the logistics equipment selection and information system processing flow. The process planning combined with actual needs shortens the time and cost of the corresponding operation links, the operation is fast and simple, the operation is efficient and accurate, and the flow of goods is smooth and the people can move smoothly. The technical performance, quality and reliability, production efficiency, and equipment manufacturing technology level of the equipment configured in the system optimization scheme are designed according to the advanced technology level in the current industry. Balance analysis on system equipment investment and return, and pursue the best cost-effectiveness. The planning and design should be able to achieve a basic balance between the workload and work intensity of staff at each post, and reflect the improvement of labor efficiency and the reduction of labor intensity.

The WMS warehouse management system includes support for business processes such as receiving, placing on shelves, replenishing, picking, reviewing, shipping, and returning goods. Complete seamless connection with the electronic label picking system, support warehouse ABC classification, support one-to-many, one-to-one picking, support electronic drug supervision codes, and comply with GSP certification requirements.

Through the implementation of the project, a highly information-based intelligent logistics system was created for the pharmaceutical distribution company. Specialized and refined management for each batch of drugs, supporting different business models such as first-in-first-out, designated batch number storage, non-mixable batch storage, multiple batch number storage, etc., fulfilling the requirements of quality control and control to meet the enterprise Demand for medical IES, GMP, GSP, FDA and EMEA certifications.

Zhongding Technology has always won the recognition of customers with high-quality products and comprehensive services.

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