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Pallet stacker
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The stacker is an automatic storage and retrieval equipment in the three-dimensional warehouse. Generally, it is divided into single-pillar and double-pillar structures. The three driving mechanisms of walking, lifting and forks complete the operation requirements. The heavy-duty stacker independently developed by Zhongding adopts international advanced servo control system and absolute addressing system for full closed-loop control, and cooperates with high-precision addressing methods such as barcode or laser ranging to achieve high-precision operation of the stacker.


Technical parameters (data / content)

Rated lifting capacity

100 ~ 4000kg

Horizontal running speed

4 ~ 240 m / min

Vertical lifting speed

4 ~ 85 m / min

Fork telescopic speed

4 ~ 60 m / min

Acceleration (m / s2)

Horizontal H 0.5; vertical V 0.7; fork F 0.4

Common addressing methods

Laser positioning / bar code laser positioning / encoder + certification film

Common networking communication methods

Wireless communication / infrared communication / sliding line communication

Tray identification method

Barcode / RFID


Double upright / single upright

Operation mode

Go straight / turn / turnout

Application site of pallet stacker for intelligent logistics storage system of an industrial casting company in Anhui

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