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AGV automatic guided vehicle
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AGV is characterized by wheeled movement. Compared with walking, crawling or other non-wheeled mobile robots, AGV has the advantages of fast movement, high work efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability, and good safety. Compared with other equipment commonly used in material transportation, the active area of the AGV does not need to be installed with fixed devices such as rails and supports, and is not restricted by the site and the road. Therefore, in the automated logistics system, it can fully reflect its automation and flexibility, and realize efficient, economical and flexible unmanned production.

AGV's navigation methods can be divided into magnetic guidance, optical navigation and other methods; although the performance parameters of AGV are not as good as ordinary shuttle cars, the advantage is only that the damage to the working environment is low, and no track affects other operations. Maximum walking speed V = 1-1.2M / S. Maximum walking acceleration a = 0.3-0.7 M / S².

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