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RGV shuttle
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The shuttle car is mainly used for docking with multi-point conveyor lines or operating stations, and has an advantage over the conveying speed of ordinary conveyors. The design can be equipped with a variety of equipment, such as conveyors, transfer machines. At the same time, the type of multi-track turning can be developed as required. This model mainly walks on a specific track, and its specific external dimensions and bearing capacity are mainly designed and adjusted based on the parameters of the bearing material and the requirements of the conveying process, and it has a high degree of adaptability. It is economical and cost-effective, and can meet the requirements of fast and stable automatic handling and transfer of logistics units. It is widely used in automated transportation systems in the tobacco, pharmaceutical, express, clothing, and beverage industries.

Maximum walking acceleration a = 1 or so M / S²

Maximum walking speed V1 = 120-180M / MIN

Maximum payload G≤1500Kg

The overall load power is about W = 5.5Kw

Common cargo size range (except L * B. High): 1000 * 1000—1300 * 1200

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