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Cigarette Packaging Machine
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Conventional cigarette packaging machine

ZB1003-N automatic laminated heat shrinkable packaging machine is a third-generation high-speed fully-automatic heat-seal machine designed by our company based on many years of experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of packaging machinery in the tobacco industry and applying our patented technology (patent number: ZL200720045635.9). Shrink film packaging machine. The packaging machine adopts novel "multi-layer laminated L-shaped impeller mechanism" and "mechanical limit counting mechanism", and cooperates with advanced control technology and error correction technology to ensure that the packaging can be completed accurately, reliably and quickly.

Technical Parameters



Working power

AC380V / 50HZ, three-phase five-wire system

Work kia

Not lower than 0.6Mpa

package style

Sealing on both sides, opening at both ends, automatic lamination, sleeve film, sealing, heat shrink

Packing speed

≥14 packs / minute (single pack of 25)

Mean failure rate

Less than two percent



Air consumption

0.4m³ / min

Packaging supplies

PE heat shrinkable film

Average smoke loss rate

Less than one hundred thousandth

Working noise

Less than 72 dB

Special-shaped cigarette packaging machine

Zhongding's new special-shaped cigarette packaging machine is a second-generation special-shaped cigarette packaging machine that is newly developed in order to meet the National Tobacco Administration's strategy for strengthening the management of special-shaped cigarettes, using automatic palletizing technology and automatic identification technology, and accurate algorithms. This equipment has the characteristics of small footprint, high palletizing accuracy, and strong adaptability. It is the preferred solution for automatic packaging of special-shaped cigarettes in the domestic tobacco industry.

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