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FMCG packaging machine
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This equipment integrates the functions of unpacking (carton forming), middle bag palletizing, packing, box sealing, labeling, and conveying. It adopts imported PLC control, touch screen operation, servo or variable frequency speed regulation technology. The whole machine adopts a modular structure to meet the flexible production needs of a variety of products, which can be adjusted and exchanged quickly and easily; it has automatic stacking, real-time online monitoring during the packing process, and abnormal alarm output functions.

The overall technical indicators of the whole machine are as follows:

Packing speed: ≥180 packs / minute;

Operating efficiency: ≥98%;

Packing time waste rate: ≤0.5%;

Packing inspection pass rate: ≥99.5%;

Noise during equipment operation: ≤85dB;

Use air pressure: ≤0.6Mpa; Operating air consumption demand: about 900L / min;

Applicable carton specifications: L200-450 * W180-400 * H200-450mm

Total equipment power: about 6kw;

Power supply: power 380V ± 5%, 50Hz three-phase five-wire (ground)

Equipment volume: ≤10m * 6.5m * 4m (length * width * height, excluding maintenance dimensions).

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